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Online Newsletter for the Week Ending Friday June 29, 2012


Saw this awesome message/design on Facebook page of one of my heroes, Dr. Dr Nido R Qubein. Dr. Qubein is currently President of High Point University in North Carolina. A Lebanese immigrant to the U.S. knowing not a word of English upon his arrival, he became, through study, hard work and entrepreneurship, a hugely successful entrepreneur. He then became a professional speaker and author of numerous books (I believe I've read most all of them). Doesn't surprise me at all that a bookcase filled with books and spelling out READ would be posted on his page. Thank you for all you've done for so many people, Nido!  Gymbeaux Note:  I want that book case!

THE PAPER AIRPLANE From: Michael McMillan  NOTE:  My typical newsletter format has always started with the quote of the week (my choice).  This week there are two articles that appear before the quote, the one from Bob Burg and this one included in the weekly ezine from Dr. Tom Hill, another very good friend and mentor.  This video is one you should want to share with your family, especially the kids.  What a great video, don’t take my word for it, watch it at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QODh5s3XKJE 

QUOTE:  "My suggestion is to keep questioning your beliefs. Keep asking questions, and then ask some more questions. If something doesn't seem to be right, if it doesn't seem to be logical, then findpeople who might know the answers and ask them."  Bob Burg  www.BobBurg.com 

KELLER WILLIAMS MEGA CAMP:  September 18-21 in Austin Texas.  The BIG news is that John Maxwell will be the featured speaker.  If you have never heard Maxwell speak, you are missing something very special.  Mega Camp is a fabulous 4 day experience where you can both learn things you can immediately use to grow your business and create life-long relationships with other like-minded Keller Williams agents throughout the country.  It is hard for me to imagine attending and not learning something that would bring you a sale you otherwise would not have made thus repaying you for your INVESTMENT (as compared to COST) to attend.  If you want to really grow your profit tree, invite someone other than Keller Williams agent to go with you and pay their way.  It will come back to you more than you can imagine!  To register and I sincerely hope everyone of you do, go to http://www.kw.com/eventReg/secure/user/GetEvent.do?eventId=3135 

WISDOM FROM MICHAEL DUNN, author of “What’s The BIG Secret: http://readforachange.com  From page 149 regarding Journals.  "Keeping a journal is something corporations, professional athletic teams, entrepreneurs, and 3%'s claim is a necessity.  Even though they might not call it a journal, they all use some type of written record to keep up with progress and set goals so their subconscious brain can retrieve all necessary information needed to accomplish the task it has been handed."  Gymbeaux Note:  Gary Keller calls it his "Spiral Notebook", (creative thought).  He inserts a starting date on the cover and then uses the notebooks to record all his thoughts, ideas, goals, notes from classes and books, literally everything.  When the notebook is completely filled he inserts an ending date and files it with all of his completed spiral notebooks.  The information is there literally forever as a resource.  What are you doing to preserve your information? 

FROM THE WORLD OF STEVEN WRIGHT: I Xeroxed a mirror. Now I have an extra Xerox machine.   

SPEAKING OF AMBIGUITY:  If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation?   

I WISH MY FIRST REAL ESTATE BROKER HAD TAUGHT ME….. by Marte Cliff.  Been saying this for as long as I have been in the business; hope you all were listening.  If not you can read what you missed by clicking here:  http://ymlp.com/zOcGyJ
GOALS REVISITED:  MET AND UNMET.  WHY YOU DON’T.  AND WHAT TO DO! By Jeffrey Gitomer.  One of the reasons people do not have goals is the word itself.  The word “Goal” hinders success like a cross scares off werewolves.  Read what Jeffrey Gitomer has to say on the subject and begin achieving what you both need and want to achieve but AFTER you do an analysis of your present situation.  Good stuff!  http://www.gitomer.com/articles/ViewPublicArticle.html?key=ajcdMibak3NfySDzNHdZuw%3D%3D
WORKING FOR A BIGGER PURPOSE:   By Jon Gordon.  This is a classic from Gordon.  He talks about how each of can make a difference, big or small.  I personally like to think that the biggest difference maker in the world DOES like lie, just beneath our noses YOUR SMILE.  Because of an illness back in the 90’s, I am unable to smile but I have learned you can also smile with the nod of your head and everyone has a smile in their eyes as well.  Read this short article and tell me you cannot make a HUGE difference in the world.  http://www.jongordon.com/positive-tip-bigger-purpose.html
10 GOOD (GREAT) REASONS TO KEEP A JOURNAL (DIARY/DAILY LOG/WAS HAPPEN’G NOW?) by Joe Tye, (added the words in the parens).  This really is a a very good way to start and end your day.  Read what you did yesterday, write down what you did today especially your little and large successes.  You can build on success; don’t dwell on the small failures.  http://tinyurl.com/77rpyvs
WANT TO ADD DRAMA TO YOUR LIFE, PUSH THE DRAMA BUTTON IN BELGIUIM:  http://www.youtube.com/v/316AzLYfAzw%26autoplay%3d1%26rel%3d0   Would you have pushed it?  Well would you?

THIS WEEK’S HUMOR:  How to tick off a frog.  http://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=db5ed59e2e&view=att&th=13821a8d7e764fb

THE QUESTION OF TRUST, post by Darren Hardy, editor of Success Magazine.  Darren asks a very interesting question as to how your customers will think of you in 3 years.  Try the experiment yourself.  As a side note, Darren was the person who interviewed me and put it on CD two years ago, appeared with Jeffrey Gitomer and Zig Ziglar, would like to think “3 of a kind” J  http://darrenhardy.success.com/2012/06/the-question-of-trust/  Thank you Michelle Fradella for sending this link along for others to learn from.

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Online Newsletter for June 22


Jerri Candebat
Stephanie McElroy

 QUOTE:  Son, if you really want something in this life, you have to work for it. Now quiet! They're about to announce the lottery numbers.”
Homer Simpson

LISTING FORMS AND SALES FORMS CLASSES SET:  If you have not attended a class on using the Listing Forms and/or the Sales Forms, you need to attend these two classes.  Listing Forms Friday, June 22, 2:00 until about 3:30.  Sales Forms Tuesday, June 26, 2:00 until about 4:00.  If you HAVE attended these classes you are strongly encouraged to attend again to add your experience and input to the class for newer agents. 

KELLER WILLIAMS MEGA CAMP:  September 18-21 in Austin Texas.  The BIG news is that John Maxwell will be the featured speaker.  If you have never heard Maxwell speak, you are missing something very special.  Mega Camp is a fabulous 4 day experience where you can both learn things you can immediately use to grow your business and create life-long relationships with other like-minded Keller Williams agents throughout the country.  It is hard for me to imagine attending and not learning something that would bring you a sale you otherwise would not have made thus repaying you for your INVESTMENT (as compared to COST) to attend.  If you want to really grow your profit tree, invite someone other than Keller Williams agent to go with you and pay their way.  It will come back to you more than you can imagine!  To register and I sincerely hope everyone of you do, go to http://www.kw.com/eventReg/secure/user/GetEvent.do?eventId=3135

WISDOM FROM MICHAEL DUNN, author of “What’s The BIG Secret:  EAGLES WINGS from page 71.  Written by Debbie Lemacher:  An eagle knows when a storm is approaching long before it breaks.  The eagle will fly to some high spot and wait for the winds to come.  When the storm hits, it sets its wings so that the wind will pick it up and lift it above the storm.  The eagle does not escape the storm.  It simply uses the storm to lift it higher.  It rises on the winds that bring the storm.  What can we learn from this?  We all experience difficulties, even an occasional failure.  Use the situation to rise above it.   http://readforachange.com  

FROM THE WORLD OF STEVEN WRIGHT:  I have a hobby. I have the world's largest collection of sea shells. I keep it scattered on beaches all over the world. Maybe you've seen some of it.

SPEAKING OF AMBIGUITY:  What if there were no hypothetical questions?  I may have to explain that to you-know-who.  J

LIMITED SPACE AND A LONG DOMAIN NAME TO USE?  Go to www.TinyUrl.com and enter your long domain name (URL) and it shortens it.  See the link in the next article by Joe Tye,  The domain name was shortened to http://tinyurl.com/8yzm3rv from a real domain name that was at least 3 lines long.  Especially valuable for entries on sites like Twitter where you are limited to just 140 characters on your posts.

FROM JOE (JEAUX) TYE; MY MENTOR, FRIEND AND HERO.  A must read; it applies to everyone.  Getting a stone to smile.  When you read this, and I hope you do, remember the Gratitude Stone, if you don’t know what a Gratitude Stone is, see Paulena and she will give you one.  http://tinyurl.com/8yzm3rv

NEW AMENDMENT TO THE LEASE AGREEMENT:  We have been fine tuning the Amendment to the Listing Agreement over the past several weeks and unfortunately have posted the amendment with a few errors in it.  The Amendment dated June 15 is the correct Amendment and it has been posted to www.SlidellCalendar.com as well as our new Beta Intranet Site and a copy has been put in the Rental Forms Binder and replaced in the rental forms at the front desk.  Please dispose of all older versions of the forms.

MOLD AND MILDEW FORM:  The provision contained in the Louisiana Real Estate Commission’s Agreement to Purchase regarding Mold and Mildew is considered to accomplish the same goal as the Mold and Mildew Form that has been used since Hurricane Katrina.  Therefore the form has been discontinued and removed the Slidell Calendar, the Beta Intranet Site and the Forms binder.  Please dispose of all the forms as they are no longer needed/required.

CREATING A SOLID MASTERMIND GROUP:  By Jeffrey Gitomer.  Everyone should be in a Mastermind Group.  The group should consist of no more than 5 (including yourself).  Other than that, Gitomer puts forth an excellent description of what a Mastermind Group would look like and do in order to be effective.  This should be a must read for everyone even if you are currently in a Mastermind Group. http://www.gitomer.com/articles/ViewPublicArticle.html?key=ajcdMibak3NBogUalVhToQ%3D%3D

AMAZING VIDEO OF CAT AND SEVERAL DOLPHINS, well worth your time to watch it.  http://www.slothster.com/2352-Cat-On-Boat-Plays-With-Dolphins.html

EVER FORGET AN APPOINTMENT OR MEETING?  There is a simple way to remind yourself.  Signup for www.Plaxo.com (free).  You can schedule and send yourself an email (as I do) the day before the appointment or meeting date so you should never forget an important date again. 

"Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all of our resources on mastering a single area of our lives."
Anthony Robbins

How can we get the most done if we have a lot of competing projects that all want our attention? 
Most of us allow ourselves to jump from one task to another, get distracted by phone calls, emails and visitors, and find we have not gotten much done at all.

So here's how to change that. Set aside blocks of time for each task.  Recent research shows that 90 minute blocks are the best, so get as close to that as you can.  Then shut the door, turn off the phone, and focus! Get as much done as you can, take a ten minute break, and do the same thing on the next task.  Repeat as required. If you get interrupted, get back to your task as soon as possible without starting on another task.

This is important, because the biggest reason that so many of us get so little done is because of the interruptions that redirect our efforts.

I struggle with the "shiny object syndrome" of distractions on my computer screen. My challenge is self discipline.

Yours may be different; having a process for work helps.  Some writers/bloggers have a time that they go sit and write, and they won't allow themselves to do anything else in that time - even if no inspiration comes! They just sit.

That takes discipline, but it works.

Find what works for you.

All the best, Wes

Learn the only proven process for reprogramming your mind for success.  You'll learn why it's so hard to change your mind, choose your purpose and achieve your goals. Then, you'll do it!

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GYMBEAUX NOTE: Imagine EACH task you want to accomplish as a circle with half of the circle as yet to be completed; like a “U”with an opening at the top. Now imagine all of the partial circles on a piece of paper. Looking at 3, 6, 10, or 12 half completed circles would be demoralizing when you can literally SEE all of your half completed projects. Using the principles Wes Hopper describes above, your first task ought to be to prioritize your projects from MOSTimportant and timely to LEASTimportant and not timely. Then one-by-one, starting with the MOST important, time-block enough time (days) to complete your most important and time sensitive project – COMPLETE THE CIRCLE. Then begin on partially completed circle #2, then #3 and so on. Obviously as new demands arise, you may have to reorganize your partially completed circles. Your objective should be to remove as many uncompleted tasks (circles) as possible in the shortest period of time. This will remove from your conscious or unconscious life your worry about the things you know you have to do but have not as yet done. Then step back and look at all the “completed” circles on your paper – it WILL give you a great feeling of accomplishment.

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Newsletter for the Week Ending June 15, 2012

QUOTE:  Selling is NOT manipulating. Selling is harmonizing.”  “If you walk in with information about you, they consider you a salesman. If you walk in with ideas and answers, they consider you a resource. Which one are you?”  Jeffrey Gitomer.  “Amen”  Gymbeaux.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY, Fathers can make a difference in our lives and in the lives of others, whether it's your own father or a "father-like" figure in your life. Read this inspirational story of a bucket filling father:  http://tinyurl.com/7n5ovmu

FROM THE WORLD OF STEVEN WRIGHT:  I replaced the headlights on my car with strobe lights. Now it looks like I'm the only one moving.

WISDOM FROM MICHAEL DUNN, author of “What’s The BIG Secret: A survey was done on the Yale graduating class of 1953.  3% had specific goals that were written down.  Twenty years later, they went back and surveyed the same graduates and found out that not only were the 3% happier and more fulfilled, but they were also worth more monetarily than the other 97% put together.  http://readforachange.com   

SPEAKING OF AMBIGUITY:  I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman, “Where’s the self-help section?”  She said if she told me, it would defeat the purpose. 

GYMBEAUX MAKES IT INTO JOE TYE’S SPARK PLUG EZINE:  Joe included “my story” in this Spark Plug, the story is true and the principle has served me well as it could you if you put it into practice.  I am honored to be included by Joe:  http://tinyurl.com/bs2h22g

HOW IS YOUR ABILITY TO MAKE A SALE?  By Jeffrey Gitomer.  This is written in the form of a self-test.  Does not take long to read but may take a while to fully comprehend in regards to how you currently expect to make a sale.  I would suggest that this is a MUST read for anyone in sales and that would be everyone. http://www.gitomer.com/articles/ViewPublicArticle.html?key=ajcdMibak3P%2BXXPeJVfrIQ%3D%3D

AIRLINE SUED WHEN COCKROACH CRAWLED OUT OF AIR VENT DURING FLIGHT:  DUD, WHERE’S MY COMMISSION?  Hillel L. Presser, author of Financial Self-Defense.  Another MUST read.  Presser provides suggestions on how to protect your assets from legal action.  This applies to just above everyone; it will be too late if you worry about your assets after the fact.  http://www.assetprotectionattorneys.com/Book_Publications_Press/Publications_and_Press/Dude_Wheres_My_Commission_.aspx

SHE TRANSFORMED HER STORE WITH PURPOSE, by Jon Gordon.  A great story about how someone transformed her work and her store to one filled with fun and excitement.  The same principle could easily work for you as well:  http://www.jongordon.com/positive-tip-transformed-with-purpose.html

THE FIRST NINE SECONDS By Sally Hogshead.  This is a short video clip that may cause you to think about YOUR first impression when meeting someone for the first time or calling someone for the first time.  Interesting free download on her site.  The video is a lead-in to a package she sell for $47 that you might be interested in:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1h3GxG0RjNY&feature=youtu.be

GAINING SMALL ADVANTAGES TO WIN THE SALES GAME by Michael Dalton Johnson.  This short article should give you food for thought about how you say things and how the things you say may be misinterpreted or outright rejected by the words you use.  Good article: http://www.rulesofthehunt.com/jeffrey_gitomer.htm

SEARCHING FOR YOUR GOLDEN TICKET?  By Jeffrey Gitomer.  This is another GEM from Gitomer who continually raises the bar on making you think about what you do and how you do it.  The Number One issue is, Communication That Is Transferrable!  Who is acting on YOUR words?  I personally wonder about this all the time.  This article is a perfect example.  I am forwarding it to you through this weekly online newsletter.  How many people are actually reading it?  How many people are acting on the advice?  Hmmmmmmmm, I wonder?

ANXIETY IS THE MORTAL FOE OF CREATIVE THOUGHT.  By Joe Tye.  Anxiety is the mortal foe of creative thought, effective decision-making, and decisive action. When you are overwhelmed with anxiety, it's like you're looking at the world through Doom Glasses; it doesn't matter what the objective reality is, you struggle with a sense of impending doom. Unfortunately, if anxiety leads to panic or paralysis (fight or flight), it can contribute to creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.  To read the rest of this article, and I hope you will, go to:  http://tinyurl.com/bmtp8fx