Monday, November 3, 2014

Me & Lee

Me & Lee How I came to know, love and lose Lee Harvey Oswald
By Judyth Vary Baker

Date Review Posted: 
Authors:  Judyth Vary Baker
Release Date:  2010
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  CCCCC  (A case could be made that I would only review the best of the best because if while reading a book it does not hold my interest, I would not finish it and therefore would not review it.)

Format:  Historical

Reason For Reading THIS book:  I read the book Dr. Mary's Monkey (a fabulous read) and Judyth Vary Baker was referred to in the book.  When I did a Google search I discovered she had written this book Me & Lee so I read it.  I have always been interested in the murder of John F. Kennedy because I never believed the Warren Commission was accurate and in fact I believed they lied regarding many of the details in the report including the number of shooters.  So when I was so fascinated with Dr. Mary's Monkey, Me & Lee became a MUST read for me and it was obviously the right thing to do.  My comments will explain.

Number Of Times I Have Read This Book:  Once but I believe I will read it again because I read Dr. Mary's Monkey twice and the second time was so much more meaningful to me and I believe a second reading of Me & Lee will be as well because you once you have read the entire book(s) you know what to look for as you read it the second time.

Brief Summary of Content:  

This is a love story about Judyth Vary Baker (the Me in Me & Lee) and Lee Harvey Oswald.

The best way to review this book is to describe how it has significantly impacted my believe in what I thought happened when John F. Kennedy was murdered in Dallas.  Prior to reading this book and another book entitled Dr. Mary's Monkey, I believed that JFK was murdered in Dallas and that Lee Harvey Oswald was one of the shooters with the emphasis on "one of the shooters" because I have never believed that a lone gunman killed Kennedy.

Judyth Baker has remained silent for over 40 years because frankly she feared for her life and the lives of others involved during the time of the JFK murder.  Like so many historical events when you start to read about the players involved you start to question what you have always believed to be true and this book is certainly no exception. 

You have three choices to make when reading this book.  First you can accept Ms. Baker's story as written to be 100% true.  Second you can disbelieve 100% of what she has written.  And third you can believe some of what she has written and disbelieve the rest.  After reading Dr. Mary's Monkey which took place about the same time in history and then Me & Lee, I am now of the belief that most if not all of what Ms. Baker has written is true and if you believe that you also believe that Lee Harvey Oswald actually had nothing to do with the JFK murder and he was in fact as he stated - a patsy.

I truly believe that for anyone who reads this book, their minds will definitely changed about what happened in Dallas and the players were not as they seemed.  Just as a for instance, Jack Ruby was believed to have killed Oswald because he was so outraged that he killed Kennedy.  If you believe what Baker wrote, Jack Ruby knew Oswald for many years and actually considered him as a son.  Ruby also worked indirectly for Carlos Marcelos the New Orleans area mafia boss.  So when Ruby was called by Marcelos and given instructions to kill Oswald he went into his bathroom and threw up.  This was never explained other than he threw up.  But after reading the book you realize he did so because he was ordered to kill his long-time friend Oswald or be killed himself.

This is just one of the many twisted plots of the book - definitely a must read.

Who Should Read the Book?    EVERYONE!  It is part of history that needs to be told and should re-open the investigation in the murder of John F. Kennedy.

Final Test:  Would I read the book again?  ABSOLUTELY AND I AM!  Would I give it as a gift?  ABSOLUTELY!