Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Online Newsletter for the Week Ending September 3, 2010

QUOTE: "Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out if they've got a second. Give your dreams all you've got and you'll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you." William James 1842-1910, Philosopher and Author

LATEST NUGGET: Unintentional Branding posted on www.NuggetsForTheNoggin.com.

FOUR WAYS SALES PROS CLOSE MORE DEALS WITH EMAILS, from SalesGravey: http://tinyurl.com/3xrgyym

POWERFUL OFFLINE MARKETING IN THE INTERNET AGE, a free eBook provided by Thom Scott. It has been uploaded to www.SlidellCalendar.com in the Document Section under Marketing Documents.

I AM STILL NEW ORLEANS, by Vince Vance on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V86xxTm8-ek&feature=youtube_gdata_player

5 BUSINESS MISTAKES YOU DON’T KNOW YOU ARE MAKING from Lowes: http://rismedia.com/lowes/8355/9295

9 WAYS TO BEAT NEGATIVITY by Jon Gordon. http://www.jongordon.com/newsletter-083010-9waystobeatnegativity.html


We are sorry to have to make this slight increase, but local dues for 2011 will be going up to $140 for the year, which breaks out to only 11¢ more per day than what you have been paying. This increase will be used to enhance services and operations to the Northshore membership.

2011 Dues Statements will be going out in late September. We invite all agents to join NABOR as a primary OR secondary member for only $140 with no application or transfer fee until December 1. Enjoy those free continuing education classes and easy Northshore access to numerous events.

At this time, national and state dues for 2011 remain the same. NABOR is still less expensive than other area boards in the state. Please remember, NABOR has not had a dues increase in over 5 years. Dues must be received before Monday, November 15, 2010. Dues are considered delinquent if received after that.

TIPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL OPEN HOUSE, from Lowes. This was written from the viewpoint of the homeowner. You should therefore be prepared for such a discussion with your owners. http://rismedia.com/lowes/8355/9933

OUTSIDE THE BOX THINKING – OPEN HOUSES: Talk with your sellers about offering anyone who visits your open house an immediate discount on the sales price good for only a short period of time like a week. If there is any interest on the part of buyers, they will know that they can save money but they must take advantage of the window of opportunity. Retail stores and service providers do this to you quite often if you think about it. You have heard it before, “If you decide to buy TODAY there will be a X% discount but it is good only if you purchase today.” You could use this principle by offering a discount, a free home warranty, an appraisal, etc.

WHAT MAKES YOU SMILE? WHAT CHANGES YOUR MOOD? ATTITUDE? Article by Jeffrey Gitomer. Here is another question. Have you ever taken a course on “attitude?” Probably no because they are rarely if ever offered. You CAN read a great book written by Gitomer entitled The Little Gold Book of TheYES! Attitude.  http://www.gitomer.com/articles/ViewPublicArticle.html?key=ajcdMibak3MutqawnesNmw%3D%3D

HOW TO BECOME A WINNING SALES ACE – AND NOT GET SHOT DOWN by Waldo Waldman “The Wingman”. http://www.salesdog.com/newsletter/2010/nl0490.htm

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Online Newsletter for the Week Ending August 27, 2010

QUOTE: “For those who don’t yet hold this mind-set (Professionals Realize (and Act Like) They’re Part of Something Bigger than Themselves), it’s more about what they get rather than what they give. It’s about careerism, not professionalism. It’s more about status and less about substance. It’s more about scoring points than team play. Gen. Richard Myers notes, “One of the worst things you can do in the military is to do things for the wrong reason—especially if that reason is to get ahead. Self-aggrandizement is a really bad trait—as bad as a lack of integrity. It’s usually recognized early, and once it is, you’re toast!” Excerpt from Bill Wiersma’s forthcoming book, The Power of Professionalism.

NEW NUGGET:  I Am A Professional.  Really?  Posted on www.NuggetsFortheNoggin.com.

DANCE IN THE RAIN. http://www.danceintherainmovie.com/?cm_mmc=Responsys-_-MO-_-8.23.10-_-DITRmovie

NEW ORLEANS 5 YEARS AFTER KATRINA; A REPORT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mJinnhIw0w

CREATE A CULTURE OF GREATNESS, by Jon Gordon: http://www.jongordon.com/newsletter-082310-cultureofgreatness.html

FIVE HANDWRITTEN NOTES TO ENGAGE YOUR BUYERS (AND SELLERS, AND SPHERE OF INFLUENCE, AND FRIENDS, AND FAMILY AND JUST ABOUT ANYBODY ELSE YOU CAN THINK OF): And when you read thing remember I encourage everyone to use a fountain pen when you write these notes everyday: http://www.salesdog.com/newsletter/2010/nl0489.htm

THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX. Do you have land you are trying to sell? Do your owners own the land “free and clear?” Have they thought of owner financing? Get them thinking outside the box. What if you had a $30,000 lot to sell and instead of thinking mortgage you instead think of offering it for sale at $35,000, 0% Interest amortized over five years. No appraisal. Would that draw some interest? Same could apply to a home. Same could apply to a bank owned home if the bank would think outside the box. Do whatever it takes (that is legal) to get your properties sold. Here’s another idea that was taught by Joe Williams (the “Williams” of Keller Williams). If you have a land owner who has equity in the land of sufficient amount to “subrogate” the equity to a builder, the builder can then use the “equity” as the down payment (no cash involved) to acquire a building loan to build a home on the property. You, the listing agent, then lists the home for sale. In theory the land would have more value with a structure in place than trying to sell the land by itself. When the home sells, the builder is compensated, the land owner is compensated (again in theory more than selling the land alone) and you the listing agent is compensated. A win-win-win situation if ever there was one.

EXCERPT FROM “Delivering Happiness; A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose” by Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos.com, Inc. This is an amazing story that starts with a very young man who before he was a teenager became an entrepreneur. It is a story about what he did through his late 20’s and how he took a fledgling company and eventually sold it for MILLIONS and then literally went broke before he grew Zappos.com into the powerhouse company it is now. In the book Hsieh talks about the similarities between playing poker and business.

He wrote: I noticed so many similarities between poker and business that I started making a list of the lessons I learned from playing poker that could also be applied to business:

  • Table selection is the most important decision you can make.
  • It’s okay to switch tables if you discover it’s too hard to win at your table.
  • If there are too many competitors (some irrational or inexperienced), even if you’re the best it’s a lot harder to win.


  • Act week when strong, act strong when weak. Know when to bluff. 
  • Your “brand” is important. 
  • Help shape the stories that people are telling about you.

  • Always be prepared for the worst scenario. 
  • The guy who wins the most hands is not the guy who makes the most money in the long run. 
  • The guy who never loses a hand is not the guy who makes the most money in the long run. 
  • Go for positive expected value, not what’s least risky. 
  • Make sure your bankroll is large enough for the game you’re playing and the risks you’re taking. 
  • Play only with what you can afford to lose. 
  • Remember that it’s a long-term game. You will win or lose individual hands or sessions, but it’s what happens in the long term that matters. 
  • Don’t play games that you don’t understand, even if you see lots of other people making money from them. 
  • Figure out the game when the stakes aren’t high. 
  • Don’t cheat. Cheaters never win in the long run. 
  • Stick to your principles. 
  • You need to adjust your style of play throughout the night as the dynamics of the game change. Be flexible. 
  • Be patient and think long-term. 
  • The players with the most stamina and focus usually win. 
  • Differentiate yourself. Do the opposite of what the rest of the table is doing. 
  • Hope is not a good plan. 
  • Don’t let yourself go “on tilt.” It’s much more cost-effective to take a break, walk around, or leave the game for the night. 
  • Educate yourself. Read books and learn from others who have done it before. 
  • Learn by doing. Theory is nice, but nothing replaces actual experience. 
  • Learn by surrounding yourself with talented players. 
  • Just because you win a hand doesn’t mean you’re good and you don’t have more learning to do. You might have just gotten lucky. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for advice.  
  • You’ve gotta love the game. To become really good, you need to live it and sleep it. 
  • Don’t be cocky. Don’t be flashy. There’s always someone better than you. 
  • Be nice and make friends. It’s a small community. 
  • Share what you’ve learned with others. 
  • Look for opportunities beyond just the game you sat down to play. You never know who you’re going to meet, including new friends for life or new business contacts. 
  • Have fun. The game is a lot more enjoyable when you’re trying to do more than just make money.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Online Newsletter for the Week ending August 20

QUOTE: “You probably already have or know everything you need to be successful. So instead of looking for the ‘new-new’ you might want to work on the ‘old-old’ a little more. The opportunity for your success might be right under your very nose.” Gary Keller, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent (MREA), page 26. I think what Gary meant when he wrote those words in the MREA was that if you are reading page 26 it means you are reading the MREA and written upon the pages of the MREA are all the tools you will EVER need to be successful in YOUR lifetime. It only requires reading and implementing the contents of just 311 pages. It would take you less than 2 weeks reading just 23 pages a day. What price do you put on your success as a real estate agent? You can continue to do what you have always done and you will continue to get what you have always gotten. OR, you can spend 14 days reading 23 pages a day and learning what it takes to do this business right. Your call!

LATEST NUGGET: Posted the latest Nugget on www.NuggetsForTheNoggin.com, entitled, One Of The Good Guys!

URGENT PAPERLESS REQUEST: Please check your Dashboards. There are over 100 transactions awaiting actions that go back to as early as May 2010.

WHAT THE TOP 1% DO (MEANING THE 99%, NOT YOU OF COURSE, DON’T DO: This is a great article by a great trainer, Walter Sanford. http://brokeragentsocial.com/article/858/what-the-top-1-do

PERCENTAGE OF SALES SUCCESS; HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? Another great article by Jeffrey Gitomer, http://www.gitomer.com/articles/ViewPublicArticle.html?key=ajcdMibak3N4%2BIMeeuSrDQ%3D%3D

USE YOUR DIGITAL CAMERA TO MAKE A GREAT IMPRESSION: Check it out !!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkI08FGw3Hk My (Vikki Morvant of the Mandeville MC) seller at 829 Tete L'Ours in Beau Chene, $ 394,500 asked me if I could do a virtual tour that was more than just zooming in and out on still photographs. So I used the video feature of my camera. Used MS Movie Maker which came on my computer ( I think it is also a free download), and I snagged some nice generic sounding jazz music and uploaded it to YouTube. Important hint: If you want to use it as your MLS Unbranded Tour.... open up a YouTube account using a generic title, not your own name. If if is traceable back to an agent or a company, then the MLS will say that it cannot be displayed on all those IDX sites of all the metro Realtors. Hope you find this tip helpful !!

TIPS FOR MARKETING TO SENIOR CITIZENS from Lowes. If there is one lesson, “assume nothing” and keep an open mind. http://rismedia.com/lowes/8355/9641

5 STEPS TO BECOMING A SUCCESS MAGNET. Another great article from Lowes: http://rismedia.com/lowes/8355/9698

A QUEST FOR EXCELLENCE by Jon Gordon: http://www.jongordon.com/newsletter-081610-questforexcellence.html

AMAZING READING PROGRAM. You can take the online demo to grade how many words a minute you currently read and then take a quite demo followed by another test of your reading speed to see the difference this program can make. It is not cheap but WOW! Check for yourself at: https://www.eyeqadvantage.com/index.cfm?&CFID=314253&CFTOKEN=54296285

SEE MT. ST. HELENS....NO HIKING REQUIRED. JUST MOVE YOUR MOUSE AROUND _ IT IS AMAZING. Be prepared to get dizzy. Here is a great picture of Mt. St. Helens in 360 degrees.... The mountains you see in the back ground are Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams and if you rotate further you can see Mt. Hood in the distance: http://www.fullscreen360.com/st-helens.htm

5 GREAT TIPS TO CLOSE THE DEAL, offered by Lowes: http://rismedia.com/lowes/8355/9381


About Heart Attacks

There are other symptoms of a heart attack besides the pain on the left arm. One must also be aware of an intense pain on the chin, as well as nausea and lots of sweating, however these symptoms may also occur less frequently.

Note: There may be NO pain in the chest during a heart attack. The majority of people (about 60%) who had a heart attack during their sleep, did not wake up. However, if it occurs, the chest pain may wake you up from your deep sleep.

If that happens, immediately dissolve two aspirins in your mouth and swallow them with a bit of water.

Bayer is making crystal aspirin to dissolve under the tongue. They work much faster than the tablets. Just a reminder to all: purchase several bottles, keep one in your car, purse, nightstand, medicine chest, etc.


CALL 911

- say "heart attack!"

- say that you have taken 2 aspirins..

- phone a neighbor or a family member who lives very close by

- take a seat on a chair or sofa near the front door, and wait for their arrival and...

~ DO NOT lie down ~

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Online Newsletter For The Week Ending August 13

QUOTE: "If you're stupid and know you're stupid . . . you're not stupid. If you're stupid and don't know you're stupid . . . you're really STUPID!!"  Bill Manion - Gentilly Philosopher via a Mickles Pickles Facebook page.

YOUR REAL ESTATE COMMISSION ASSIGNED EMAIL ADDRESS. The Louisiana Real Estate Commission has established an email address that you can use but more importantly the Commission when it sends out any critical information they will send it to your Real Estate Commission Email address. Your license is sent to this address. Everyone in the Market Center, if you have not already done this, should access the Commission web site at: http://www.lrec.state.la.us/. Look at the choices on the upper right corner of the home page and select LOCATE USER ID/PASSWORD. Under INDIVIDUALS, use the down arrow in the first box and select either BROK or SALE for Broker or Salesperson license. In the second box enter ONLY the digits on your license, DO NOT ENTER .A which stands for ACTIVE. In the third box use the drop down arrow and select ACT for ACTIVE. This is important, enter your Zip Code which will most probably be your home mailing address zip code. If it is different you will be advised when you then select SUBMIT. If all your info is correct, you will be directed to a page that includes your Commission generated email address AND your Password. Return to the Commission home page and this time select MY LREC EMAIL. Enter the first part of your Commission Email address and then enter your password and you will be taken to your email program. Check your INBOX for any emails on file. If you do not want to check this program forward your Commission Email address to your commonly used email address. To do this look on the left side of the screen and select OPTIONS. Then select AUTO FORWARD. Enter the email address(s) you want the Commission’s emails to be forwarded to and then select SAVE. Bingo, you are in business.

EVERY SMALL ACT: Question for you: How can you NOT make a difference in the Market Center? Sales are always good but that is not what this is about. Another company can copy all the great attributes of Keller Williams Realty International and more specifically Keller Williams Realty Professionals. What they cannot reproduce or copy is the company culture, it’s Mission, it’s Vision, it’s Values and these all start with each small act we do within the Market Center. It also starts with making every person, no exception, every person who comes through our doors to FEEL IMPORTANT. That includes customers, vendors, competitors and especially our own team of agents and employees. Imagine that everyone has a MMFI tattooed on their forehead, MAKE-ME-FEEL-IMPORTANT! It starts with knowing what the Mission, Vision and Value Statements are and living those statements. It starts with helping each other. It starts with picking up a piece of trash that didn’t make it to the trash can. It starts both within the heart and within the mind. Ask the DDQ question, “Is what I am about to do consistent with the Market Center’s Mission, Vision and Values statements?” If YES, say or do it; if NO, don’t!

TRAVELING? Here is one more reason to set up a web based email such as http://www.gmail.com./ Besides being FREE, and free is good, you can set up folders where you can save your most important emails and remove them from your inbox. More importantly you can easily check your emails from any computer in the world that has access to the Internet. But this is where it gets really important. Let’s say you have some documents that would benefit you IF you had need of them when on the road. You can send an email to yourself with the document as an attachment. Then when you check your emails you can save that email and attached document to the appropriate folder. When you travel and you find that you need the information on the document or the document itself, you have it in a folder on your Internet Email account. During evacuations this is extremely important for things like insurance documents (you can scan them and then save them), rosters, etc.

9 KILLER CONTENT IDEAS FOR YOUR REAL ESTATE BLOG OR WEB SITE: http://brokeragentsocial.com/article/851/9-killer-content-creation-ideas-for-your-real-estate-blog-or-website

8 WAYS YOU SHOULD BE USING TWITTER IN YOUR BUSINESS: http://rismedia.com/lowes/8355/9249

SANDY BOTKIN, TAX REDUCTION INSTITUTE FACEBOOK PAGE. Sandy Botkin is one of the best if not THE best person to get to know when it comes to income tax preparation. If you have never attending his seminar, do so, http://www.taxreductioninstitute.com./ If you want tax savings tips follow him on his facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/loweryourtaxes

WHAT ARE YOU LEARNING? HOW ARE YOU LEARNING? (ARE YOU LEARNING WOULD BE AN EVEN BETTER QUESTION). Another Jeffrey Gitomer beauty; sometimes the truth really hurts. http://www.gitomer.com/articles/ViewPublicArticle.html?key=ajcdMibak3OB8trqHjss6w%3D%3D\

10 LOW COST TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR HOME’S APPEAL, offered by Lowes, good stuff: http://rismedia.com/lowes/8355/9640

10 REASONS TO SIGN YOUR CLIENTS UP FOR LOWE'S "INSIDE OUT" NEWSLETTER:   http://rismedia.com/lowes/8355/9530

20 BOOKS THAT INSPIRED JON GORDON (THEY MUST BE GOOD TO DO THAT). http://www.jongordon.com/newsletter-080910-20books.html

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Online Newsletter for the Week Ending August 6, 2010

QUOTE: “The only people who are at their best all the time are the mediocre!” Alexis Bolin

LATEST NUGGET FOR THE NOGGIN, 30 YEARS OF AHAS, get it at www.NuggetsFortheNoggin.com

COMING TO YOUR OWN REALITY AFTER THE FOG CLEARS. This is a very different Gitomer Ezine well worth reading: http://www.gitomer.com/articles/ViewPublicArticle.html?key=ajcdMibak3NR8J%2BP%2BwfacA%3D%3D

11 TIPS TO HELP YOU WITH TIME MANAGEMENT from Lowes. If you are not signed up for the Lowes Newsletter you should be; great resource. http://rismedia.com/lowes/8355/9564

SIMPLY UNBELIEVABLE! If you EVER wondered about the DOLLAR value of setting goals, you need to read about a study performed by Zig Ziglar. The difference will be mind-blowing! http://www.salesdog.com/newsletter/2010/nl0486.htm

WATCH YOUR SPEED: I cannot verify the accuracy of this notice but it is far better to be safe than sorry. “We just received notice from the State that effective August 1st, the Louisiana State Troopers will start issuing tickets to anyone for traveling 5 miles over the speed limit. They have a quota of 900,000 tickets in the first 30 days........ 10 miles over the speed limit is no longer safe. Guess with all the state budget cuts, they have to collect money some kind of way, so PLEASE watch your speed!”

NAR REPORT ON MEMBERS: An interesting report from the National Association of REALTORS has been uploaded to http://www.slidellcalendar.com/ in the Document Section under eBooks entitled 2010 NAR Member Profile. See what NAR members say about themselves – on average.

MLS HISTORY SEARCH: A recent post on ActiveRain brought an issue to light that you need to be aware of. Most MLS services now post documents like the Property Disclosure on which Seller’s literally talk about their homes and in some cases defects or the need for repairs. Appraisers have access to the MLS and subsequently the Property Disclosures. This in itself is not a big deal but what happens if the Property Disclosure finds its way to the desk of the loan underwriter? The question was posed would a loan underwriter find difficulty approving the loan because of a broken ceiling fan, a roof that previously leaked but was repaired etc. The consensus of opinion was that whenever possible sellers should make the repairs BEFORE the property is listed for the reason stated above and then disclose only the known defects of the property. It was a very interesting debate.

10 REASONS TO SIGN YOUR CLIENTS UP FOR LOWE’S ‘INSIDE OUT’ NEWSLETTER: http://rismedia.com/lowes/8355/9530

NOTES ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Notes taken on a review of “Soci@l” a eBook created by Ben Kinney and Jay Papasan have been uploaded to http://www.slidellcalenda.com/ in the Document Section in the Social Media Folder. There are tons of notes, suggestions, scripts, web sites and other things that could help you in your business by getting involved in the Social Media World.

PUT PROPERTY LISTINGS IN A LOT OF PLACES. A very good article on placing your listings on a lot of different web sites and why: http://www.inman.com/buyers-sellers/columnists/berniceross/put-property-listings-in-a-lot-places

GOOGLE.COM/VOICE: This site enables you to create a free Google Telephone Follow-me service. Google assigns you a telephone number (local) and then when someone calls that number it rings all the various numbers you set up to reach you, example, cell, home, work. www.Google.com/voice

SPEED TRAP WEB SITE: Don’t know how accurate this site is but it does list speed traps in the area. You can select any area in the country you desire. http://www.speedtrap.org/speedtraps/stetlist.asp

5 WAYS TO BUILD YOUR BRAND THROUGH LINKEDIN: Provided by the Lowe’s ezine. http://rismedia.com/lowes/8355/8988

YOU DID IT AGAIN! J. D. Powers has named Keller Williams Realty as having the Highest In Overall Satisfaction for Buyers Among National Full Service Real Estate Firms. This makes THREE YEARS IN A ROW!

SOME PEOPLE JUST HAVE TOO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS: Video http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=qybUFnY7Y8w