Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Online Weekly Newsletter for the Week Ending October 29

QUOTE:The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt. The big question is, do you believe in your own dreams?

NOVEMBER 2, 2010 – VOTE! For Slidell residents be aware, there are 10 Constitutional Amendments on the ballot and they are all important. Make sure you review the amendments BEFORE you get in the ballot booth and they are lengthy and complex. Visit this web site and enter your parish, ward and precinct and you will be provided with a sample ballot: http://www.sos.louisiana.gov/SampleBallotDatabase/tabid/917/Default.aspx FOR MISSISSIPPI, check http://www.sos.state.ms.us/Elections/2002Sample.pdf for a sample ballot for the state and your local area.

BOARD DUES: REMINDER: NABOR Board Dues are due November 15th. NOMAR Board Dues are due November 30th. Please make certain you advise the MCA when you have paid your dues.

2011 LICENSE RENEWAL: Here is the web address at which you can renew your Louisiana Real Estate License online. Remember you need to have 12 hours of CE this year 4 of which MUST be on the Louisiana Real Estate Law.

10 DO’S AND DON’TS FOR MAXIMIZING YOUR TWITTER ACCOUNT from Lowe’s: http://rismedia.com/lowes/8355/10747

HAPPY HALLOWEEN. WHAT DID YOU GO AS? I WENT AS A SALESMAN. A gem by Jeffrey Gitomer, http://rismedia.com/lowes/8355/10747

WHAT THE LOCALS THINK WIDGET: This appears to be free. You enter a city and state and it finds testimonials from local residents. When you enter Slidell, Louisiana or Picayune, Mississippi you get no ratings, no recommendations. The site gives you a widget tag to copy and paste to your web site enabling anyone who visits your site to see what the “locals are saying” about our communities. This would be a great opportunity to solicit our databases to ask them for testimonials to put on the site and get a good rating for Slidell & Picayune. Check out the site at: http://www.streetadvisor.com/widgets/what-the-locals-think

YOUR MOST NEGLECTED CUSTOMER. WHO ARE YOUR MOST VALUABLE CUSTOMERS? The answer may surprise you. Great article by Denise Lones: http://www.brokeragentsocial.com/article/950/your-most-neglected-client

PLAY TO WIN article by Jon Gordon: http://www.jongordon.com/newsletter-102510-playtowin.html

10 TIPS FOR REAL ESTATE SUCCESS IN 2011: By Bernice Ross from Inman News. Success leaves clues. This will not be the first time you see notes such as these. After reading them, go to www.SlidellCalendar.com, go to the Document Section, look up PRODUCTIVITY and the scroll down to the New Commission Calculator. You only have to enter a couple of variable items and it will calculate for you how many listing and buyer appointments you need to make to earn the income you desire provided you have a specific number (the spread sheet will calculate that number for you) people in your database and that you contact them on a regular and systematic basis. Great article by Ms. Ross: http://www.inman.com/buyers-sellers/columnists/berniceross/10-tips-real-estate-success-in-2011

BUSINESS AFTER HOURS. We are co-sponsoring the Chamber’s Business After Hours in the parking lot of our Market Center, Wednesday, October 27th Co-sponsors include: Bayou Title, Central Progressive Bank, Blizzard Beach, Expo Signs, Fish Window Cleaning, Home Bank, Lee R. Cosgrove with Edward Jones The Wine Market and Tropical Smoothie Cafe'. 5:00 to 7:00.

OUTSIDE THE BOX THINKING, an excerpt from The Little Black Book of Connections by Jeffrey Gitomer. “Every one of you has experienced a WOW! Very few of you have given one! Almost no one makes a goal or a resolution at the beginning of the year that says, “I gotta WOW! more people.” Bob Carr of TLC (sprinklers and outdoor lighting systems in Baltimore Maryland) is the only person I know with a “WOW Budget.”. He spends a hundred dollars a week wowing one customer at random. He’ll install an outdoor light that turns on when you drive up your driveway, or a timing device on a sprinkler. It’s a $5,200 (annual) budget that will earn him hundreds of thousands of dollars in business and fifty-two lifetime fans a year. In ten short years, Bob will have 520 loyal fans – otherwise known as loyal sales people – on his team. (Unless of course he doubles his budget.). (Not in the book, I have a friend who makes a substantial donation to a local charity in Jackson, MS every year. When he does, he identifies a portion of the donation to be in each name of some of his best customers/friends and then sends them a Christmas card that wishes his customer/friend a Merry Christmas and lets them know that a donation (undetermined amount) has been made in his or her name to (the charity selected). What are you doing and how much have you budgeted to create WOW! experiences for the people in your database? If you have not read Gitomer’s book, you have no idea what you are missing.

HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT THIS? HAVE YOU COUNSELLED YOUR OWNERS ABOUT THIS? This is a great and timely article about insurance coverage on vacant homes. A word to the wise should be sufficient: http://www.inman.com/buyers-sellers/columnists/maryumberger/5-insurance-tips-vacant-homes

NET WEAVERS INTERNATIONAL. It is all about Networking. This site refers you to resource material including a book and has a computerized self-analysis as to your networking skills. Check it out on: http://netweaving.com/

FOR YOUR CLIENTS; PREPARE YOUR HOME FOR WINTER WITH THESE SIMPLE TIPS, by Paige Tepping, from Lowe’s: Great tips to include in your blog to your customers: http://rismedia.com/lowes/8355/10661

THE FIVE STEP FORMULA FOR CREATING A SUCCESSFUL MARKETING MESSAGE. Lowe’s article: http://rismedia.com/lowes/8355/10344

CREATING A PAPER TRAIL; REMOVING THE POSSIBILITY OF CONFUSION: In a discussion with Caren Morgan we came up with the idea of sending an email to every coop agent who submits an accepted Agreement to Purchase on your listings. I have uploaded it to http://www.slidellcalendar.com/ Document Section, Sales Forms. It is a word document that you copy and paste into your email to a coop agent upon immediately receiving an accepted Agreement to Purchase. In addition to saying “thank you” it establishes “expiration/completion dates” and identifies all the various documents that are available as attachments on the MLS. By sending out this email you are creating a paper trail and eliminating any chance of misunderstanding when it comes to critical dates. If you use it, I would upload a copy of what you sent to Paperless.

PERSONAL SECURITY REMINDER: Today I received what appeared to be an email from my bank stating they had new customer software in place and needed me to confirm my account. When I went to the web site it asked for information such as social security number, security code number from the back of my debit card, etc. I called customer service instead of responding on line and as suspected it was a fraud. Had a similar incident involved PayPal. The problem is that the emails and web sites appear to be real but they are not. Any time anyone asks you for your social security number or card security code you should have a huge red flag pop up in your head. For example the information they asked for they already had. The bank advised me that they would never ask for such verification through an email. The same holds true for the IRS – the IRS NEVER seeks info from you via email. Beware, be safe!

REMEMBER NEW ORLEANS? This is a 10 minute YouTube video that describes why no one owns the phrase “Who Dat”, especially the NFL. If you are from New Orleans, sit back, relax and then if you are like question whether progress is necessarily a good thing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmbXwjnCxx4


In last week's Eaglezine I mentioned that starting today, and each week for 6 weeks, I would share one of the six keys to success. I started life coaching in 1994 and in the process, met literally thousands of interesting people - primarily in the U.S., Canada and Europe. In the process I became fascinated with why some people figure life out and others never do. My observation is about 85% never do and about 15% do. There are a lot of characteristics that can enhance one's progress, such as a good education, work ethic, integrity, etc.

My experience led me to identify six basic concepts that seem to make the major difference, so here we go. Number one is - 15% of the population are committed to "personal development" - every day committed to becoming the best person possible. It's almost a compulsion or as Jim Rohn says "Work harder on yourself than on your job." In my coaching I encourage clients to focus on their spiritual, health, relationship, emotional and intellectual areas of life. In the process, you will attract money- money is a by-product. So make a daily personal commitment to grow every day in every way possible. In the next 5 Eaglezines I will share the other 5 characteristics of 15 percenters.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Online Newsletter for the Week Ending October 22, 2010

QUOTE: “Do not argue with an idiots (especially you-know-who); they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” Unknown

CONTINUING EDUCATION: Remember you now need 12 hours of Continuing Education credit 4 hours of which MUST be on LA License Law. Check available classes locally and if needed you can also receive credit online at such places as Burk Baker School of Real Estate http://www.burkbaker.com/. If you are also licensed in Mississippi you are required to complete 16 hours of CE courses every two years license period. You can also earn CE credits by going to http://www.proeducate.com/. I used the Proeducate.com site to complete 30 hours of CE training for Mississippi and it was a great experience.

QUADRENNIAL ETHICS TRAINING. December 31, 2010 will be the end of the first two years of the period during which you MUST complete your Quadrennial Ethics training required by the National Association of REALTORS. I have not seen this course offered locally but you can take it online at http://www.realtor.org/ free of charge. You MUST take this class BEFORE December 31, 2012.

NEW ORLEANS EDITION OF “ENTERTAINMENT, THE PERFECT CLIENT GIFT”: You can purchase the New Orleans edition of the book that you can use for yourself or give to your customers that will provide them with discount and/or special offering coupons for businesses, restaurants, travel and hotel accommodations. The cost is only $15.75 per book. This was through an arrangement by NAR. Check them out at www.entertainment.com/NAR Use Customer ID 2033290558.

I’LL HAVE THE CHICKEN PLEASE, SAID THE SALESMAN. How do you measure up to Jeffery Gitomer’s latest article? http://www.gitomer.com/articles/ViewPublicArticle.html?key=ajcdMibak3PC8xM8DjfVFQ%3D%3D

A POSITIVE POINT OF VIEW – PPOV; Jon Gordon has written many great articles and books. I you want to learn from someone with a fabulous perspective, read any of Jon’s writings starting with this short article: http://www.jongordon.com/newsletter-positivepointofview.html

QUALITY PHOTOS ARE ESSENTIAL – TIPS TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY. Not mentioned in this article from Lowe’s is that you should avoid taking a photo of the front of the home what includes a lot of the driveway. If the driveway is on the left side of the house, take your photo from the right side and visa versa. http://rismedia.com/lowes/8355/10616

MOTIVATION, another gem from Jon Gordon ALSO there is a link to a free webinar involving leadership, check it out at: http://www.jongordon.com/newsletter-101810-motivation.html

WOULD BE INTERESTING TO SEE THIS GUY’S XRAYS; THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING: http://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=db5ed59e2e&view=att&th=12bb18262386353e&attid=0.1&disp=attd&realattid=c9a31e564f79da65_0.1&zw

BE A BLAME BUSTER! Great article by John Miller http://outstandingorganization.com/blog/ While you are there, read some of the other articles written by John Miller. He has written a great book entitled The Question Behind The Question, QBQ that I highly recommend. http://qbq.com/books/question-behind-the-question.php

JETMAN FLIES IN FORMATION; another amazing video http://www.tvkim.com/watch/341/kims-picks-jetman-flies-in-formation

PEARL RIVER COUNTY TAX COLLECTOR LINK: A new link has been added to www.SlidellCalendar.com where you can access the Tax Collector’s office in Pearl River County Mississippi to check tax records. It is: http://deltacomputersystems.com/MS/MS55/plinkquerym.html

KEEPING YOUR KELLER WILLIAMS WEB PAGE UP-TO-DATE: If you have not already done it, go to http://www.twitter.com/ and set up an account. Then go to http://www.facebook.com/ and set up an account. Then go to http://www.kw.com/ and update your Keller Williams White Page account to include these two new links. While you are at it, why not also go to http://www.blogger.com/ and create a personal blog page. Once you do, add that to your Keller Williams White Page as well. Then make certain you have links to these sites located at the bottom of each page of your web pages.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Online Newsletter for the Week Ending October 15, 2010

QUOTE: "YOU FALL PREY TO THE LAW OF DIMINISHING INTENT. We intend to take action when the idea strikes us. We intend to do something when the emotion is high. But if we don't translate that intention into action fairly soon, the urgency starts to diminish. A month from now, the passion is cold." Jim Rohn

LATEST NUGGET: I posted CONVINCED on http://www.nuggetsforthenoggin.com/. It is based on some thoughts taken from Jeffrey Gitomer’s book, The Little Black Book of Connections.

RECOMMENDED READING: There are many books on the market that can help you develop your business but of all the books I have read, I believe there are four that should be considered REQUIRED READING. And while you read them, you might want to consider offering them to your children; they are listed in the order I would read them:

The Little Gold Book of YES!Attitude, by Jeffrey Gitomer

The Little Black Book of Connections, by Jeffrey Gitomer

The Little Green Book of Getting Your Way, by Jeffrey Gitomer

Endless Referrals, by Bob Burg

QUESTION: Who are the 5 most important people in your life or who should be in your life that you need to develop a relationship with who could significantly improve your business? If you can identify them, are you working on developing a relationship with them? If not, why not? One of the five should be your Team Leader in the Market Center. At the risk of being immodest another should be me, your broker. The 30 plus years I have in the Real Estate Industry ought to be worth something to the development of your real estate career.


REINVENTING “LIFESTYLE” MARKETING. By Mary Umberger. This is a really interesting article about two agents definitely thinking outside the box in their marketing efforts. It will obviously not apply to everyone but it shows what outside the box thinking can do for your business; he said with a smile. http://www.inman.com/news/2010/10/11/reinventing-lifestyle-marketing

NET LISTINGS:  What is a "net listing?"  A net listing occurs when a property owner agrees to permit an agent to sell property where the owners pre-agrees to accept a certain amount and the listing agent/broker's commission is the difference between the actual sales price and the owner's agreed to amount.  Net listings are illegal in many states but not in Louisiana or Mississippi.  In some states where net listings are legal the local MLS systems have rules in place that prohibit them from being entered into the MLS system, GESRIN being one of those MLS systems.    For the most part Net Listing are strongly discouraged because the opportunity for conflict of interest is so great.  Since you are required to present all offers it is even possible that a seller may accept an offer less than initially agreed upon which would result in the listing agent earning nothing for his or her efforts.  In those cases where the property sells for considerably more than what the owner had initially agreed to, the difference may so great that it creates difficulties between the owner and the agent/broker.  Simply put, Net Listings are strongly discouraged.

MUST I DISCLOSE MY CLIENT RELATIONSHIP? This was taken from the Mississippi Broker Buzz and is an excellent article. A very good rule-of-thumb to follow is – disclose. There is so much more to lose by not disclosing than by disclosing so why wouldn’t you disclose?

What are the disclosure requirements when your clients are family members?

Question: I'm listing a property and the sellers are my brother and sister-in-law. Am I required to disclose that?

Answer: Article 4 of the Code of Ethics covers disclosure of personal interest in property. "REALTORS® shall not acquire an interest in or buy or present offers from themselves, any member of their immediate families, their firms or any member thereof, or any entities in which they have any ownership interest . . . without making their true position known to the owner or the owner's agent or broker."

"Immediate family" is defined in the Code and in the Arbitration Manual to include "the REALTORS®'s spouse and their siblings, parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, and other descendants."

Disclosure also is required when selling property that you own or in which you have any interest: "REALTORS® shall reveal their ownership or interest in writing to the purchaser or the purchaser's representative."

However, the obligation to disclose that you're working with an "immediate family" member applies only to situations in which your family member is the buyer.

In your situation representing sellers, you're obligated to disclose ownership or "any interest" in the property being sold. That would include any legal ownership or possible future ownership, such as through inheritance. (Gymbeaux Note: This was a new revelation to me but when you think about it, it makes good sense.)

For example, if your brother had named you as a beneficiary or heir of the property in his will, you would be best served by disclosing that interest in the property.

But, if you have no possibility of inheriting the property, you would likely not have any current or future interest in the property requiring disclosure under the Code. Always remember that state license law could require additional or different disclosures of "interests" or "relatives' interests" in representing a family member.

By Bruce Aydt. Reprinted from REALTOR® Magazine

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Online Newsletter for the Week Ending October 8, 2010

Quote: Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "We are what we think about all day long."

BROKERTIP: Joe Tye said, “Someone with a job is never secure; someone with a passion is never unemployed.” Are you passionate about your “job?” If you find yourself complaining about everything, you are not passionate about what you do. Complaining accomplishes nothing. Last evening while attending my grandson’s soccer game, the coach for one of the teams that was scheduled to play AFTER my grandson’s game started to complain that the game was “already one minute over the scheduled time to complete it and that they needed to get off the field now.” We are talking about 6 and 7 year olds. The coach was not only out of line, his language and body language was not something you want a 6 or 7 year old to see or hear. The point is that it was obvious he did not like doing what he was doing or being where he was at. Someone passionate about what they were doing would have simply taken the kids to a side area and have them start warming up instead of making a spectacle of himself. Do you analyze your words, attitude and body language? If so, what do you see and hear? Are you certain? What does an observer see and hear, chances are, they are not the same thing. Life is all about attitude and your attitude is a choice you make every day when you first wake up. You can choose to be positive and significant or you can choose to be negative and a jerk; it is really that simple! Do you know how many jerks there are in the world; we do not need another one just in case you-know-who reads this.

THE STRANGEST SECRET by John Boe. This is all about the one thing that you can do that when done could all but guarantee your success, or not. If you read nothing else for the rest of your life, read this very short article; it says it all! http://www.salesdog.com/newsletter/2010/nl0495.htm Gymbeaux Note: You really are what you think about most. You have a choice between positive self-talk and negative self-talk. When you realize just how important self-talk is, you will want to eliminate ALL negative self-talk. You will also want to eliminate all reference to metaphors like, “hanging around”; is that the mental image you want your subconscious mind to consider – hanging by a noose, I think not yet that is what we all do. You are not doing “fine”, you are GREAT and getting greater by the minute.

THE PIZZA PHILOSOPHY. WHAT TOPPINGS DO YOU OFFER (OR NOT), by Jeffrey Gitomer. This is a very timely article with one business after another making financial cuts to their service and products. http://www.gitomer.com/articles/ViewPublicArticle.html?key=ajcdMibak3NIOld8SDwFpA%3D%3D

KNOW YOUR COMPANY’S CORE VALUES AND MISSION STATEMENT? If not Joe Tye would fire you! Great article by Joe Tye: http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=p8vf59n6&v=00153jkMsybZmisLbNKLdZLDyzYmDy4Bh4kDSIjT2AG8sPlI_SnXYovfbr5nmKT1iTIMVPePnxqAebx0LW5i-osWhF5KUPju51rCaE6otMLv-Q%3D


GET OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE; IT IS DESTROYING YOUR BUSINESS by Denise Lones http://www.brokeragentsocial.com/article/928/get-out-of-the-comfort-zone-it-039-s-destroying-your-business

7 WAYS PERFECTIONISM STOPS YOU FROM SUCCESS: Very good article except that perfectionism in completing your forms (like filling in ALL the blanks) is something that defines your professionalism. Don’t confuse what is very important with what is not necessarily important. http://brokeragentsocial.com/article/925/7-ways-quot-perfectionism-quot-stops-you-from-success

THE CURSE OF EXPERIENCE, LEARN TO THINK LIKE A ROOKIE, by Jon Gordan. http://www.jongordon.com/newsletter-100410-curseofexperience.html

NEW RICHARD PAUL EVANS BOOK HITS THE STREET. If you like Christmas books with a great message and story you will love anything written by Richard Paul Evans. His new book is out, Promise Me and you can not only watch a short movie trailer, you can actually read the first two chapters on this site: http://www.richardpaulevans.com/i/promise-me-promo

10 TRAITS BUYERS SEEK IN SALES SUPERSTARS, by Ken Thoreson: http://www.raintoday.com/pages/6403_10_traits_buyers_seek_in_sales_superstars.cfm

SHOULD THE SELLER ATTEND THE HOME INSPECTION: Come on, who has not asked that question? Here is one agent’s answer: http://activerain.com/blogsview/1883198/should-the-seller-attend-the-home-inspection-

FAXZERO: If you find yourself somewhere and needing to fax a document with no fax machine, you can go to http://www.faxzero.com/ and do so without a fax machine. You can either type out a message to send to a fax or send a document that you have on your computer to a fax all at no cost. The program has a fee if you want to subscribe but you do not have to in order to send a simple fax. I would suggest that you bookmark this site as you never know when it will come in very handy.

THE 7 DEADLY SINS OF BRANDING by Denise Lones, Very good video: http://brokeragentsocial.com/TheLonesGroup/videos/642

5 TIPS TO MAKE SURE YOUR WEB SITE IS GETTING THE EXPOSURE YOU NEED, by Lowe’s: http://rismedia.com/lowes/8355/10369

5 STEP FORMULA FOR CREATING A SUCCESSFUL MARKETING MESSAGE by Lowe’s; http://rismedia.com/lowes/8355/10344


From page 22, The Little Gold Book of YES!Attitude ®:


Positive attitude cdomes from within.

Positive attitude has nothing to do with what happens to you.

It’s what you do with, and how you react to, what happens to you

Positive attitude comes from your ability to process thoughts in a positive way, regardless of the circumstance. And it’s never 100%. That’s why, in spite of your determination to be positive at every moment, you’ll have highs and lows based on your thought process and your vulnerability to others.

HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS: The more you work on your attitude, the less vulnerable you become to the negative aspect of it.

The most interesting aspect of attitude is that “instant’ only applies to the negative part. Someone can make you angry (negative) in a second, but it can take years to achieve the positive. Positive attitude comes from your own thought process combined with your determination to stay in the right frame of mind. It ain’t easy to get there, but it’s worth it once you do.

In my opinion The Little Gold Book of YES!Attitude by Jeffrey Gitomer should be a must read for everyone regardless of age or business; it is that good. Answer this one question: When was the last time