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Online Newsletter for the Week of October 2nd

QUOTE: “Nothing tastes a good as slim feels!” Dr. Louis P. Bauer. If this does not say it all in regards to maintaining a proper weight, nothing ever will. If you want to lose weight remember Joe Tye’s Direction Deflection Question (DDQ): “Is what I am about to eat or drink consistent with my desire to weight (insert your desired weight)?” It works! I am a living testament to this action. Gymbeaux

29 WAYS TO COLLECT EMAIL ADDRESSES FOR YOUR BUSINESS. We have been told repeatedly to collect as many email addresses as we can in order to use them for prospecting and marketing (1) because they work and (2) because they are FREE and whenever you can use FREE, that is a good think in case you-know-who is reading this. Here is the link to a great article on the subject:

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: A JOURNEY TO INNER HEALING. By Dr. Louis P. Bauer, a resident of Pearl River, MS. I read this book quite a while ago and while I thought it was outstanding, my second reading of it this week meant more to me than I could ever describe. I highly recommend this book if you want to work on a positive attitude, if you want to achieve your dreams, if you want to learn to forgive, if you just want a better life. If interested, buy it from Dr. Bauer’s web site, the difference in price between it and is unbelievable.

THE HYBRID REAL ESTATE AGENT: This is just too good! Love the way Kris Berg writes. This is a must read article:

OUTSIDE THE BOX BUT FUNNY MARKETING TIP COURTSEY OF JEFFREY GITOMER. One of the most valuable tips I have ever received was from Mike Scrutchfield a RE/MAX agent when he said, “You want the customer to remember you from the mailbox to the trash can.” When working For Sale By Owners, the hardest part of the presentation is the opening, how do you get their attention. You have a better chance of closing the sale or at least moving the process forward any time you can get a probable buyer or seller to laugh with you. So here you go: either write a letter of introduction, use your personal brochure if you have one or bring something like a booklet on selling their own home (both of which we have on or something as simple as a Seller’s Disclosure Sheet with you TO THE FRONT DOOR. (IMPORTANT POINT: Do really think that someone who as yet does not know you is really going to keep what you give them? Really?) Ring the door bell, take two to three steps back, turn to a 45 degree angle (this was taught by an FBI agent and he went on to say you are then not blocking the door or interfering with the owners personal area). In one hand you have whatever it is you are going to eventually give them, in the other hand a personalized trash can. That is what I said, a personalized trash can. Then after you do your introduction and any other conversation that might ensue, or whenever the opportunity strikes, you give the owner your gift and then give them the trash can. “Mr. or Mrs. Homeowner, I would like for you to have ________ and here is a trash can for you to put it in when you are finished with it; just in case you don’t have one. I would appreciate it if you would also put whatever my competitors give to you in the same can if you would please?” This has to be a guaranteed ice breaker! You have to admit, you probably laughed as you read it; so will the homeowner. When was the last time YOU received a trash can as a promotional item? Want a very inexpensive can with your name and logo on it? Go to: You can get these 60 for $6.35 each; the cost of a good ad.

JEFFREY GITOMER SEMINAR. It is no secret that I think Jeffrey Gitomer is a genius as evidenced by his books, CDs and DVDs. I attended a live seminar this week and have to tell you that it was the most interesting and educational seminar that I have attended in 30 years in the business. He kept everyone laughing while at the same time giving them raw meat sales tips and suggestions. He definitely thinks outside the box and he teaches like he talks (as he says upfront). As a result, the seminar could have been label PG-14 or even R but I can assure you that few if any attendees were offended except for maybe the bald guys. The three hour seminar whizzed by and it was over way too soon. If you ever get the chance to catch him live, do it! Follow him on and sign up for his free ezine newsletter.

CONVERTING SOCIAL MEDIA FRIENDS AND FOLLOWERS INTO DOLLARS. A Jeffrey Gitomer sponsored seminar in Atlanta, January 29, 2010. Cost is $297 ($397 for the VIP Ticket). Check out the web site for the list of presenters: I was surprised at the recent Gitomer seminar in Jackson how much emphasis he put on becoming proficient in using the Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Plaxo, etc) to enhance your business. Good idea: For anyone who is interested, start a sign up page to send someone from the Market Center and share the cost. That person would become the Market Center “go to person” and “trainer” for the Market Center.

RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE REVIAL. Another Jeffrey Gitomer sponsored seminar to be held in Atlanta on February 10, 2010. Cost: Early Bird Special $147 (VIP $247). Information at:

DOMAIN NAME TAKEN? Mine is. Had to be early to get Jim Brown; that is one of the reasons I went with Here is a solution: or; What can you use to include your name and you not only want YOUR name, you ought to consider reserving your children’s and grandchildren’s names as domain names, the cost is so inexpensive and you can reserve them while they are still available. There are many sites to reserve Domain Names such as

DON’T HAVE A WORKING COPY OF MICROSOFT OFFICE? The JAVA folks have unveiled a free download that seems to have all the bells and whistles of Office. I downloaded it to check it out and was able to call up the files created in Office so it seems to work plus there are additional programs included that I have not as yet tried. If you do not have Office on your computer and want something similar at no cost, check out:

  • Make a sale, make a commission. Make a friend, make a fortune! It is all about building life-long relationships.
  • Your job as seen by the customer: “Mr. or Ms. Real Estate Agent, your job is to engage ME about ME. I could care less about you until you can demonstrate what’s in it for me.”
  • What are you known for? Ask the people in your database: “When I say (insert your name), what ONE word comes to mind?” You can’t give a better answer than your customers can.
  • When it comes to Real Estate, there is no such thing as a “global market”, real estate is local. Therefore, THINK LOCALLY; ACT PERSONALLY! It doesn’t matter what the real estate market is like in California, Florida or where ever. What is the market like on your street?
BUILD YOUR OWN YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Personally haven’t done it, don’t know much about it. Here is the link to the YouTube Handbook. Video yourself presenting valuable real estate tips, home maintenance tips, fixing up your home tips, etc. Link your YouTube videos on your web site. Send the link to your email database. Ask your customers for video testimonials that you put on CDs and with their permission post on YouTube. You can do most if not all of this FREE and FREE is good especially when you will be a market leader instead of doing like everyone else.

BEFORE YOU HAVE LASIK EYE SURGERY. Joe Tye had Lasik Eye Surgery and it did not go as well as he would have hoped. As he said in this report, he wishes he had taken the advice he is providing in this report. The report is not to deter you from having the surgery but rather it gives you info to consider before you do, as compared to after you have had it done. Thank you Joe for what you do. The report has been uploaded to for future reference and has been attached to the email that notified you that this online newsletter has been posted to the Internet.

Monday, September 21, 2009


QUOTE: “I’m so optimistic I’d go after Moby Dick in a row boat and take the tarter sauce with me.” Zig Ziglar, who else?

Balancing time and effort between work, home, hobbies. (Gymbeaux Note: The first thing Gary Keller puts on his annual calendar is vacation time or time with family. What is the first thing you put on your annual calendar; you do have a calendar, right?)

JEFFREY GITOMER – REAL ESTATE SPECIFIC ONE DAY SEMINAR IN ATLANTA, FEBRUARY 10, 2010: Most of Jeffrey Gitomer’s books, CDs, and DVDs are sales in general. This seminar will be real estate specific. It is the week before Family Reunion and will be held in Atlanta. In my opinion Gitomer is a genius having read all his books more than once. Check out this link to see who else is on the agenda:

WANNA MAKE MORE SALES? THINK WHY! NOT HOW TO! Link to Jeffrey Gitomer's latest Sales Cafine Ezine. This is a very timely article based upon our current economy and buyer's reluctance to buy.

LIFE IS NOT A STRESS REHEARSAL, live teleseminar sponsored by Hay House Radio featuring Loretta LaRoche. LaRoche has written some real gems including, Relax, You May Have Only A Few Minutes To Live; Lighten Up; and my personal favorite, Life Is Short, Wear Your Party Pants. The cost of this seminar is $10.00. Tuesday, September 29th 4:00 to 6:00 PM Pacific Time. Info:

6 WAYS TO DEMONSTRATE PROFESSIONAL VALUE. This says it all! This is a great article especially for new agents. When you read it and it refers to individual statistics, new agents can use the company statistics.


YOUR OWN ONLINE JUKEBOX. This is a pretty cool site:

VIDEO ON A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A REALTOR. When you watch this you will see a “cute” video, look beyond the “cute”. This is a great marketing piece that I am certain this guy puts on DVDs and sends to his customers. What a great video testimonial of sorts. Would you remember him? I think so! Compare that to sending someone a business card or even a personal brochure. Thanks to Stacey Chehardy for the video tip.

KNOW ANY TEACHERS? There is a fabulous book available through call Heart of a Teacher by Paula Fox, it would make a really great gift for the teacher in your life/family. It comes in a black gift box. Besides “looking good” the contents are terrific. While you are there, why not invest in Earl Nightingale’s classic, The Strangest Secret, book and CD; really good mental nuggets for yourself.

12 STEPS TO LIVING YOUR DREAM LIFESTYLE. This is a link to a very interesting web site. The site is for a product (costs $97.00, I checked). The 12 steps are provided without buying the product. Good stuff.

INITIAL POST LICENSING EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENT. The following has been copied from the Louisiana Real Estate Licensing Law

Each person obtaining an initial salesperson's license shall complete forty-five post-license education hours within one hundred eighty days after the initial license date. Such hours shall be in subjects required by the commission including but not limited to laws, rules and regulations changes, finance, and the handling of funds. Post-license education hours may be used to satisfy eight hours of the twelve-hour annual continuing education requirement; however, post-license education hours shall not satisfy the four-hour mandatory continuing education topic specified by the commission.

EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT…. I have created a folder on entitled Everything I Know. In this folder I have uploaded several articles I have written that would help every agent but especially new agents. They are everything I know about:

  • Pricing a property
  • Branding
  • Building a Business
  • Lease Purchases
  • Rentals
  • Negotiations
  • Showing a Home
  • Working with Sellers
  • Working with Buyers
  • Telephone Techniques
  • Working FSBOs
  • Working Expireds
  • What Do I Do Now That I Have My License



BROKER BIT: Can we agree? Can we agree that there are a lot of agents who take short cuts and do not do what they are suppose to do? YES! That does not relieve you from requesting that the proper actions be taken. Example: The Designated Listing Agent is REQUIRED to sign the receipt at the top of Page 1 of the Agreement. If that does not happen, it is then YOUR responsibility to request a copy with the appropriate signature. Same for the customer contact info and the proof that that the Designated Listing Agent presented the Agreement to the Sellers by signing the appropriate line on page 6 of the Agreement. IF AN AGENT DOES NOT DO IT; YOU REQUEST IT VIA EMAIL OR FAX to prove you are aware of it and that it was not done for future reference.

GEORGE CARLIN ON AGING from Dana Kelm. There is a really great piece written by George Carlin on aging that was attached to the email that alerted you to the availability of this Newsletter. I have also posted it on in the Documents Section under Motivational folder.

YOU ARE A TARGET, BEWARE. Whenever you receive an email notification of something that on the surface would appear to be a good thing like a NOTIFICATION FROM THE IRS – TAX REFUND, do not open it. This is a scam to capture your email and other personal information. I received an email from PayPal that directed me to a web site that look like it was PayPal but when they asked for information they already had, I closed the site immediately – it too was a scam to capture your personal info. You are also exposed to emails that look like a sentimental good email to pass on and most of these are false. You can check all of these things by entering “Snopes (and then the subject of the email) in your Internet Search Box and you will discover that almost all of the emails are false. Also, received a Safety Alert from NOMAR. Apparently some agents who have advertised in the Times Picayune are receiving obscene calls from a blocked telephone number. Beware.

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Online Newsletter for September 18

READ....for a change!
READ for a.... change!
Either way, you win!

QUOTE: "When they call the roll in the Senate, the Senators do not know whether to answer 'present' or 'not guilty.'" -- Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919) 26th US President

Subject matter expert, educated via experience or study. (Gymbeaux note: spend just one hour a day reading or listening to topics related to what you want to be good at and in less than a year, you would be a “subject matter world expert!”)

THE TRUTH IS NO DEFENSE. Video; a great one! This may be one of the most unusual videos I have ever seen and it appears to be real life. Could anyone have said it any better; I doubt it.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: 12 hours of continuing education are required this year. “Residential Agreement to Buy or Sell” (4 hours) is the LREC’s mandatory class. You are also REQUIRED by NAR to take the 3rd Cycle Quadrennial Ethics training. You can take the Quad training on line at – is is FREE. This is required to be completed prior to December 31, 2013 but don’t wait, get it out of the way now.

NATIONAL ANTHEM; Linda LaRocca, one of the Regional Owners of Keller Williams and a personal friend suggested you watch this version of the National Anthem, I wonder why?

THE ENEMIES AND ALLIES OF LEARNING AND CHANGE, by Lew Smallwood, To be with Keller Williams we are often told we need to be “learning based” individuals; the truth was never more clear – being learning based is the key to change. Are you learning based? Consider what Lew Smallwood has to say on the subject: While there, check out other articles written by Lew.

HOLLY COW, WHAT A DEAL! SUCCESS FOR A BUCK BY JOE TYE. Check out this web site:, Joe Tye is offering Audios, Ebooks, Special Reports, and his fabulous True Wealth CD collection for ONLY $1.00 EACH, YEP, $1.00 EACH. Jeaux is a personal friend, author, speaker, writer and all round great guy, this offer is a winner! Hope everyone takes advantage of Jeaux’s generous offer.

THE POSITIVE SUCCESS FORMULA, by Jon Gordon. It is what it is. There has never been a better time to grow your business.

EVER WONDER WHAT THE SPACE STATION LOOKED LIKE AND NOW LOOKS LIKE. This is something that you will want to show your children and grandchildren. I found it fascinating.

30 HOURS OF POST LICENSING EDUCATION. Newly licensed agents, you are required to complete 30 hours of post licensing education within 18 months of obtaining your real estate license. There is some confusion regarding the education. The 30 hours is a specific course of instruction and can only be given by State approved trainers. You can attend the class or you can order a correspondence course, cost is about $125.00. Taking this course does not relieve you of completing the 4 hours of required training on the 2009 Agreement to Purchase.

BEGIN EVERY DAY BY STARTING WITH A WIN! By Gary Ryan Blair, The Goals Guy! Short but inspiring video. I have signed up for the Free Report and have included it with the email that announced this newsletter link. I will also upload it to in the Document Section under EBooks. I have read the 16 page report and it has a lot to offer. You may want to sign up for the 100 Day Challenge that begins on September 23, 2009 if you want to achieve your BIG GOAL in life.

MARKETING TIP. Until very recently, I had a refrigerator magnet from 10 years ago that I still used even though the REALTOR was no longer in the business. Why would I use this magnet? Because it had kitchen equivalents on it, how many ounces in a pint, how many quarts in a gallon, etc. The information NEVER went out of date. The magnet had “shelf life” unlike calendar magnets, sports calendars, etc. Mardi Gras parade schedules last about 6 months before they are obsolete. If you are going to use your hard earned money to buy give-away items, make sure the give-away items have value, have shelf life and are unique as compared to what everyone gives out like calendars. How many calendars do you receive each year? Which ones do you keep and why? If you keep them, can you tell me who gave it to you without looking at it? If you can, that is effective marketing, if not it was a waste of money for someone.

A brand new website called launched on September 9, 2009. The business model, creating gift books and movies, will mirror Simple Truths; however, the content will target the Christian community. In fact, some of the first gift books are from best-selling Christian authors Max Lucado and Charles Swindoll. Therefore, if you are of the Christian faith or just enjoy faith based content and wish to get more information about the new Inspired Faith newsletter, and to watch the first Inspirational movie titled: The Second Mile, this is the place to link to.

TELL ME THAT YOU DID NOT THINK OF DOING THIS AS A KID, MAYBE EVEN AN ADULT. Short video. Also tell me that you were not leaning to the left and/or right as you watched it.


DIVORCE THIS HOUSE BEFORE YOUR SPOUSE. If one spouse keeps the house the couple is not truly financially divorced. Check out the web site at This is an opportunity to develop a niche market of couple contemplating divorce which is almost at 50% in America. In other words, one out of every two married couples eventually get divorced. This program trains you as a REALTOR to become knowledgeable enough to provide guidance to these couples. 22,000,000 people are engaged in divorce talk/thinking EACH YEAR! Talk about thinking outside the box…

BROKER BIT: Question: How can you explain to buyers and sellers that they need you in order to have a professional represent their best interest and to negotiate on their behalf IF you do not present the Agreement to Purchase directly to sellers or buyers? Most agents drop contracts off and do not even get a face-to-face meeting with the cooperating agent. How can you negotiate on your customer’s best interests if you do not get face-to-face with the buyer and/or seller making the decision? For example, you may represent the buyer and submit a contract to purchase to the listing agent. In this example you are permitted to request that YOU present the contract to the Listing Agent’s seller. Why not? Who knows more about the buyer than you do? You can put a face to the buyer instead of just a piece of paper (with the buyer’s permission of course). You can explain how the buyer came up with the offered price. You can provide the Seller with comparables that support the buyer’s position. You can stay while the offer is being considered by the seller and the seller’s agent ONLY with their permission. The same in reverse is also true. If you represent the seller, you can request to present the seller’s counter offer to the buyer’s agent and buyer instead of “just dropping it off.” If you were a seller or a buyer or both, which scenario would you prefer, just dropping it off or actually presenting it? I’ll wait for your answer…….

BOOK RECOMMENDATION. GRACE by Richard Paul Evans. If you thought this was a book on religion, you would 90% wrong. If you spent your teen years in the late 50’s early 60’s, you will be able to relate to the 14 year old Eric becoming a man. If you were born after 1970, understanding and believing Eric could appear too naive and may be a stretch. As for Grace, a 16 year, given what we see on TV and in the news almost daily, her side of this inspirational novel is far more easily understood. This inspirational novel held my attention so much that I read it in one sitting. Tried to put it down 4 times and immediately went back to it until I finished it. It is emotional to say the least. It is a great story. It may even cause you to make a charitable donation as I did. If you want a compelling read with a great story that will inspire you to action, read GRACE!

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Weekly Online Newsletter for September 11th

QUOTE: “Getting rich involves the necessity of dealing with people and of being where there are people to deal with, and if these people are inclined to deal in the way you want to deal, so much the better. But that is about as far as (our) environment goes. If anybody else in your town can get rich, so can you, and if anybody else in your state can get rich, so can you. Again, it is not a matter of choosing some particular business or profession. People get rich in every business and in every profession, while their next door neighbors in the very same vocation remain in poverty.” Wallace D. Wattles The Science of Getting Rich. The Science of Getting Rich has been uploaded to in the Document Section under EBooks. It is also attached to the Email that forwarded this link to you.

Producing results in a timely manner with a minimal of waste, expense, or unnecessary effort.

BRAND NEW NUGGET: What should a new agent (and even experienced agents) do NOW to be successful in real estate? “REAL ESTATE ACCORDING TO GITOMER (AND OTHERS). The Nugget is posted on as well as attached to the Email that forwarded the link to this newsletter.

BROKER BIT: AVOID A $100 (OR MORE) FINE. You are required to enter at least one frontal photo of your listings that you enter into the MLS system. Failure to do so will result in a fine. The listing folders are worked on, usually over the weekend, I get them on Monday. So it is possible I may not get them to review for at least several days AFTER you enter the listing and therefore do not have enough time to warn you about the lack of a photo. When you enter the listing, upload a photo, it is not rocket science (except for you-know-who of course).

THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX BY JEFFREY GITOMER. That is not the actual title of his article it is “Spend a Day Giving Help, You May Just Help Yourself.” It is not what you think and when you first read it you may think as I did, this does not apply to our business. Think again. What would happen if you spent a day with a closing company, a termite inspector, a home inspector, a loan officer, etc. Read the article and you will understand. JEFFREY GITOMER WILL BE IN JACKSON MISSISSIPPI SEPTEMBER 25TH. I HAVE MY TICKET, DO YOU?

, by Jon Gordon. Yesterday I purchased the third book in as many weeks written by Jon Gordon, entitled The Energy Bus. As with the first two, I read it in one sitting, it was a compelling read. It is about driving your bus of life and getting as many people onto YOUR bus that you can who all agree with the direction you are headed. Like Training Camp, The No Complaining Rule, this is an inspirational novel with a great message. Highly recommended. Now for the link to this article:

ON LOSING (AND FINDING) YOUR TRAIL IN THE DESERT. A metaphor for life. By Joe Tye. Jeaux is a good friend, teacher, writer, personal mentor and all of his writings are exceptional as is this one:


QUESTION: I would like to offer a prospect a free home warranty or other special promotion. Is it a violation of the Code of Ethics to offer or advertise free items?

ANSWER: It isn’t a violation of the Code of Ethics to offer or advertise free items or services to clients as long as you comply with Article 12 of the Code. Article 12 requires that REALTORS® “be careful at all times to present a true picture in their advertising and representations to the public.” The key to meeting the “true picture” test is to make sure that any conditions attached to the free offering are clearly disclosed.Standard of Practice 12-1 provides that “REALTORS® may use the term free and similar terms in their advertising . . . provided that all terms governing availability of the offered product or service are clearly disclosed at the same time.” For example, if you require sellers to sign an exclusive listing agreement with you before they’ll be entitled to a “free” home warranty, you must disclose that condition in your ads or in promotional materials that mention the offer. Likewise, if a buyer must sign an exclusive buyer representation agreement to be entitled to the home warranty, you must disclose that.

3900 MARBLES, a very short story you are not likely to forget.

HOME WARRANTY CHANGES (ARE) IN THE WIND. At least two states have made “administrative fees”, “marketing fees”, “rebates”, “refunds” from home warranty companies back to real estate companies a thing of the past under the premise they may be in violation of RESAPA laws. “This change is prompted by the February 2008 written but unofficial HUD staff interpretation stating that payments by home warranty companies to real estate brokers and agents under terms of “marketing” or “administrative” agreements appear to violate Section 8(a) of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) and the May 2009 nationwide class action lawsuit filed in Alabama against American Home Shield Corporation claiming that the payment of contingent “administrative” or “marketing” fees to brokers and agents violates Section 8(a) of RESPA.” From an internal memo by Van Eaton and Romero, Inc, real estate company. Each KW agent already has the authority to reduce the cost of a home warranty policy by the “administrative fee” thus reducing the cost to their customers. Gymbeaux: This is a change in national policy and is most likely coming; be prepared.

Script, IF you want to use it, “Mr. & Mrs. Seller (or Buyer), Home Warranty Policy providers have for a long time paid approximately $60.00 to a real estate company who sells a policy to a customer. I believe the coverage is extremely important for the seller the buyer and also the real estate company. I want you to buy the policy because it is the right thing to do, not because my company stands to make $60.00 for selling one; wouldn’t you agree? Therefore, if you decide to apply the policy to your property, I am authorized to reduce the amount of the policy by the amount the company was prepared to pay my company for selling it. Would that be fair to you?”

ELIMINATING SADD IN THE WORKPLACE, by Colleen Stanley. If ever an article hit the nail on the head it is thing one. REALTORS, TAKE NOTE! I think she is talking to US! “The Mackay 66” mentioned in the article is attached to the email that forwarded this link to you and it is posted on under the Marketing Documents section.

DAVID KNOX FIRST TUESDAY 10 MINUTE VIDEO TRAINING ON TELEPHONES, very good and to the point! The one question he does not ask on the video is “Are you working with an agent?” as required by the Code of Ethics. The article he references in the video is an attachment to the email that sent you the link to this newsletter and has also be uploaded to in the Document Section under Training.

WHAT IS IT THAT CAUSES US TO BEHAVE THE WAY WE DO, by Lew Smallwood. Another great article by Smallwood. As you read it think of the times you respond to a situation by saying “I can’t do…!” Can’t is a belief that you are incapable of doing it. Are you incapable or are you uncomfortable in trying to do it; there is a HUGE difference. Please read this article, good stuff! Just so you know; Lew Smallwood sends me a daily motivational email. I have been collecting them and compiling them into a Microsoft Word document that is becoming a wonderful daily reader that I will be making available to everyone in the near future.

OPEN LETTER TO NEW AGENTS. Actually it is a letter to all agents, new and experienced.




WHO WILL LIVE IN THE TOP 2% OF AMERICA? WILL IT BE YOU? WARNING: You may not like the answers to this 5 minute quiz! I took the quiz and it is uncanny just how accurate I believe it to be, at least in my case. Take the quiz:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Online Market Center Newletter for September 4th

QUOTE: “Our self-image is an automatic and inevitable consequence of what we choose to believe. It is a reflection of our reactions to past events and experiences. However those experiences have not made us the way we are; they have made us believe that’s the way we are.” Lew Smallwood

IT’S SEPTEMBER, YOU HAVE ONLY 4 MONTHS TO INSURE YOU HAVE ALL YOUR CONTINUING EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS COMPLETED INCLUDING 4 HOURS ON THE NEW AGREEMENT TO PURCHASE. Plus it is never too soon to complete the NAR required 4 hours of Quadrennial Ethics Training that you can complete online at When you complete CE, make certain that the Market Center gets a copy of your completion certificate and that the Broker (that would be me) gets a copy that I will forward to the Board for its records.

Words and deeds match up. I am who I am, no matter where I am or who I am with. (Especially when no one is watching.)



PEARL RIVER BOARD OF REALTORS; UPDATE: We are moving towards doing business in Pearl River County. I have received my Mississippi Broker’s License and I have applied for membership in the Pearl River Board of REALTORS in Picayune. I have been granted a probationary full access membership status complete with MLS access and will be given permanent membership upon completion of the required Board Orientation Class given in September (date to be announced). Any agent for whom I hold a Mississippi Real Estate License will be required to also join the Board by September 27, 2009 unless they are already members of another Mississippi Board.

GREAT PERSONAL SAFETY LINK from NAR thanks to Dale Sibley.

EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT OPEN HOUSES. There is a Nugget For The Noggin posted on with all I know about holding a home open to the public. There is a section that goes well with the above video link from NAR on personal safety. The Nugget is in the Document Section under Nuggets For The Noggin, it is also attached to the email that advised you this newsletter was posted on line.

HOW SELF-IMAGE AND SELF-ESTEEM SHAPE OUR LIVES, by Lew Smallwood. Smallwood keeps a running blog so you may have to scroll down to this posting. While on his blog, you may want to read some of his other outstanding postings.

NATIONAL NEWSLETTER FOR GOLF COURSE PROPERTIES. Don’t know anything about cost. It appears you can advertise your golf course properties on this newsletter that goes out apparently to golfers across the country. May be an avenue for you to list your golf course properties.

GREAT TIP: One of the problems in our area involves securing your valuable papers in the event of evacuation. Here is a solution. Scan your documents and then upload them onto your computer in a file for that purpose. If you have a service such as that automatically scans your computer and saves files off site, you can be assured that your most valuable papers like insurance policies, home ownership papers, birth certificates, etc will have a safe storage place. It is always best to take these type papers with you when you evacuate; this would be more of a backup or incase of something like a fire or natural disaster you have to leave your home immediately.

BROKER BIT: As a real estate agent you should never discourage your customers from purchasing flood insurance. Here is a script, “Mr. & Mrs. Buyer, do you recall the sign on the interstate when you entered Louisiana that said Welcome to Louisiana? That is English for GET FLOOD INSURANCE! In southeast Louisiana and the coastal areas of Mississippi you are never assured your property won’t at some time flood even if flood insurance is not required. It is far better to be safe than sorry.”

CERTIFIED NEW HOMES SALES PROFESSIONAL Course. Master the craft of successful selling. This professional-level course is designed for specialists in new home sales. You will gain a broad understanding of the home building business, discuss consumer psychology, and learn the advanced techniques used by real estate veterans for greeting, closing and overcoming objections

Course Details
When: September 23-25, 2009
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Where: Omni Bank Board Room, French Quarter Branch
301 Chartres St., New Orleans, LA
Cost: $365 HBA members
$415 non-members

Special Offer: 1st ten (10) people to register by September 4th will receive a $100 discount off of the registration fee! (Must be a member of LHBA or a local realtor board to qualify for discount)

Also counts as CE credits for builders.
(Currently under review for Realtor CE credit.)

Advanced registration is required.
For more information or contact Jessica at 985.882.5002 or

WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING ABOUT YOU ONLINE? Good article about social networking.

A REAL STIMULUS PLAN, an opinion article by a fellow REALTOR, David Curry is a Realtor in Lake Geneva, WI., very interesting and thought provoking.

WHY BUY NOW? An even better article by David Curry. Could not help but wonder how he really feels about the news media.


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UPDATE ON VARIABLE SPEED, VARIABLE PITCH CD PLAYER. I found a small unit for $239.04 at:

5 WAYS TO LEAVE A LEGACY by Jon Gordon. Scroll down the sit and watch the short video as well.