Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wisdom In The Weirdest Places

Wisdom In The Weirdest Places
A Collection of Inspirational Stories from the Un-Comfort Zone
How To Motivate Yourself and Others
By Robert Evans Wilson Jr.

Date Review Posted:  January 20, 2014
Authors:  Robert Evans Wilson Jr.
Release Date:  2013

  CCCCC  (A case could be made that I would only review the best of the best because if while reading a book it does not hold my interest, I would not finish it and therefore would not review it.)

Format:  Inspirational Novel with a great message; enjoyable and educational

Reason For Reading THIS book:  I am familiar with the Un-Comfort Zone articles and this was a natural read when I learned about the book.

Number Of Times I Have Read This Book:  Once.  It is a very easy to read book.  Less than 200 pages but full of very valuable information in regards to creating a positive attitude and maintaining a positive and productive attitude.

Brief Summary of Content:   One small positive thought in the morning can change your entire day.  I don't know who initially said that but it is one of the most valid quotes I have ever heard.  It can also be said that one small positive thought in the evening, just before turning in for the night, can change the way you sleep and ultimately the way you awake in the morning.  If you were to read just one article from this book every morning it would be impossible think it would not positively affect your attitude every day.  Or if you were to read just one article every evening before you turn in for the night it would be impossible to think that you would not sleep better and awake in the morning to a more positive attitude.  If these two statements are true, and I believe they are, just think how your attitude could be affected if you read just one article in the evening before you turn in and then again when you awake in the morning.  NOTHING WOULD OR COULD STOP YOU!

What I particularly like about this book is the format.  Short very easy to read articles that can be read separately from one another meaning you don't have to read one to move on to the next.  Or you can read one in the middle of the book and then at the end of the book and miss out on nothing.  They are all great articles.  Most of the articles are based on a story.  The story may have been an experience by the author or a story from another source.  But then, the story is amplified to demonstrate just how it can and should affect you and your attitude and/or motivation.  It is a great book and it all starts with the very first story on how a women in her nineties was challenged by a friend and lawyer and the challenge was attributed to her living to a record 122 years.  This alone ought to stimulate your interest in reading this book.

Who Should Read the Book?    EVERYONE!  Period!

Final Test:  Would I read the book again?  ABSOLUTELY AND I AM!  Would I give it as a gift?  ABSOLUTELY!

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Agent Garbo

Agent Garbo; The Brilliant, Eccentric Secret Agent Who Tricked Hitler and Saved D-Day
By Stephan Talty

Date Review Posted:  January 8, 2014
Authors:  Stephan Talty
Release Date:  2012
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  CCCCC  (A case could be made that I would only review the best of the best because if while reading a book it does not hold my interest, I would not finish it and therefore would not review it.)

Format:  Fact Based Depiction of events leading up to and including D-Day, WWII

Reason For Reading THIS book:  I watched a one-hour program on The Military Channel that described the real-life exploits of Juan Pujol, a Spaniard, who became a Double Agent working for the British/Allied Forces.  The show fascinated me, so much so, I immediately searched the Internet for any books on the subject, immediately ordered it and read it in one sitting which is something that I rarely do.

Number Of Times I Have Read This Book:  Only once and in this case once is probably enough, I can relate the entire story (with the possible exception of some of the names of the various players, especially on the German side).  A second reading it not, however, out of the question.

Brief Summary of Content:   WOW is the best description I could give; I had no idea!  I have read hundreds of books but none better than this one.  I was aware that there were aspects of the Normandy Invasion that left a lot of questions unanswered, at least to me.  This book explains a great many of them and where before reading the book I assumed there was a lot of luck involved in the invasion, I no longer believe it was luck at all but rather a very imaginative plan set in place by one man, a Spaniard Juan Pujol as he was known.

Growing up in a time when Spain was having wars of its own, he found himself torn between the various factions to where he was unsure what path to take.  His time in Spain was like a fiction novel in itself in that is hard to imagine or believe but what followed next goes even beyond that disbelief.  He declared a personal war on Adolph Hitler and became a double agent working with the British and allied forces.  After reading the book, I am convince that he almost single-handedly created deceptions and doubts within the mind of Hitler himself and his generals that ultimately led to the successful Normandy Invasion.  This is a book that really should be read by every freedom loving individual because that freedom in great part is due to the efforts of one man, that of Agent Garbo as Pujol became known as.  It is only a matter of time before this becomes a movie; I can only hope the directors do the book justice.  It is unquestionably the best book I have ever read.

In addition to telling a most remarkable story, it goes into great detail about how the minds of those in charge on both sides of the war thought and acted.   It provided me with a window to see how the war was carried out and how the various players thought.  It pointed out how every little detail had to be thought out to avoid disaster and it was.  The war may have turned out quite differently had it not been for Agent Garbo.

One result of the reading of this book for was that it eliminated some of the beliefs taught that Hitler was an idiot and that the successful invasion at Normandy was more lucky than planned.  As it turned out, Hitler reacted to what he thought was a diversionary invasion force at Normandy and subsequently withheld his tanks in reserve to respond to what he believed (because of Agent Garbo) to be a primary invasion elsewhere.

Reading the last Chapter brought tears to my eyes.  If anyone ever deserved America's Medal of Freedom it is Juan Pujol.

Who Should Read the Book?    Everyone who loves Freedom so that would make it everyone.  Our freedoms in 2013 are a direct result of this one man's actions when the world was at war.

Final Test:  Would I read the book again?   As stated, probably.   Would I give it as a gift?  ABSOLUTELY!