Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Online Newsletter for the Week Ending March 21

QUOTE: “Examine the labels you apply to yourself. Every label is a boundary or limit you will not let yourself cross.” Dwayne Dyer

LAST NEWSLETTER: This will most likely be the last of the weekly online newsletters.

LACOMBE MLS OFFICE RELOCATING:   The Lacombe Office will close down on Friday, March 12, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. following the MLS class. The office is relocating to 4350 Hwy. 22, Suite J, Mandeville, LA 70448. The build out is almost complete. A second bathroom has been added to the space. As soon as the occupancy permit is granted we will begin moving in. We will be located between Rouses and the Blood Center. The office is scheduled to open the Monday after Easter, April 5th. The Lacombe phone number of 985-882-8521 is being transferred to the new office but may be out of service temporarily during the move. In the meantime call 504-885-3200 for any questions or services.

GET MOTIVATED SEMINAR:   April 12, 9:00 to 5:45 at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner. For $19.00 I can get tickets for the entire office. There is a sign-up sheet in the resource room. Check out the featured speakers: Sean Peyton, Zig Ziglar, Laura Bush, Tamara Lowe (who wrote the book Get Motivated and it is outstanding), Colonel Colon Powel, Dr. Robert Schuler, Rudy Guliani AND DREW BREES. Check it out for yourself: https://www.getmotivated.com/city.aspx?a=5170
WHAT DOES YOUR VOICE MAIL SAY ABOUT YOU. This should be an OMG moment for everyone provided they read it. There is a valuable lesson in this Jeffrey Gitomer link that applies to everyone. It will cause you to re-evaluate your message on your phone; or should.

SHORT SALE LISTING AGREEMENT ADDENDUM: A new form to be used when it appears that your listing may turn into a short sale. It’s primary purpose is to advise the seller in writing to seek legal counsel. It covers a lot of topics, check it out. You will need to get a potential purchaser to sign off on it as well so this is one form that needs to be uploaded to the MLS whenever it is used. The form has been posted on www.SlidellCalendar.com in the Documents Section under both Short Sale Forms AND Listing Forms. It has also been placed in the Listing Form Binder in the Resource Room.

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: MOJO by Marshall Goldsmith. www.MOJOTheBook.com  How to get it; how to keep it; how to get it back if you lose it. MOJO is that feeling within when you feel “right” and everything is cooking on all cylinders. Sometimes it takes only an instant and it’s gone. This is a great book on how to recognize it, what you can do to help you create activities to keep it and when you lose it what you can do to get it back. It has some self-analysis type questions, simple and easy to use matrix to help you determine if what you are doing is taking you towards maintaining or regaining your MOJO or taking you away from it. I highly recommend reading and studying this book.

NICHE MARKET OPPORTUNITY. If the reports are correct, 50% of marriages end in divorce and most divorcees remarry within 3 years of divorcing. This is a link to a 45 minute video that explains how this market is untapped by REALTORS and for REALTORS, Title Companies, Mortgage Counselors, etc, they are getting it wrong and why it is too late for a divorcee to correct it AFTER a property has changed ownership. Just as an example, it explains why a couple contemplating a divorce and who owns a home should obtain PROPER mortgage guidance, obtain a pre-sale home inspection and termite inspection and also a title search. You can obtain Real Estate Collaborative Specialist – Divorce designation as you learn how to become the Project Manager for a couple going through a divorce. This is a unique and untouched market and when you can demonstrate that you are the expert; and that you have a team of related experts available to help; the customers seek you out. Check it out at www.DivorceThisHouse.com  Watch the video by going to: We recorded today's course preview webinar. To access the .wmv recording: http://www.collaborative-continuing-education.com/course-preview-webinar.html ; Password: SNOW (it's case sensitive so please use all caps) Click "play" once the WMV player is displayed. It takes a few minutes to load. Please send your questions, comments and feedback to: kellylise@gmail.com

PAPERLESS UPDATE: Agents are creating needless extra work for them when scanning and uploading documents to the paperless system.

(1) Page by page go through the documents to upload. Create one pile of all the forms that ARE NOT made available to the public like the Listing Agreement, Listing Agreement Addendum, MLS, etc.

(2) In the second pile put all forms that ARE made available to the public such as the Property Disclosure, Lead Base Paint (with Paragraph f initialed by the Listing Agent), etc.

(3) Scan each pile separately but retain as one file name. By so doing you are creating a separate file that you can then upload to the MLS as well without creating a separate scan for them.

(4) You are STRONGLY encouraged to run the tax records to verify you have the correct legal description and upload the tax record as well to paperless.

(5) DO NOT UPLOAD THE MLS DESCRIPTION SHEET UNTIL YOU HAVE PRINTED OUT THE SHEET THAT INCLUDES THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE UPLOADED IMAGES AND ATTACHMENTS. About 70% of uploaded MLS sheets are being printed out BEFORE the images and attachments have been uploaded to the MLS. This only creates extra work for the listing agent (rescan and upload the corrected MLS) and for the reviewer (me) because I have to look at the folder twice.

(6) If you enter the Greensheet in the KWLS system, please make a note on the paperless system by the Greensheet to indicate such.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Online Newsletter for the Week of March 14th

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME BEGINS MARCH 14TH. There is still time to notify your database.

QUOTE: “The dim light of an average life is something we inflict on ourselves. Sometimes we make things difficult that should not be difficult. We turn the simple into the complex and confuse not only ourselves but the people around us as well.” Tommy Newberry, www.SuccessIsNotAnAccident.com

BONUS QUOTE: “Get over expecting life to be fair. A level playing field is a self-indulgent and unproductive fantasy.” Tommy Newberry, www.SuccessIsNotAnAccident.com; “Amen” Gymbeaux

2010 Mandatory Topic: Louisiana Real Estate License Law: This 4-hour course must be completed through an approved real estate school or vendor by December 31, 2010, as part of the twelve (12) hour continuing education requirement for license renewal.

Note that the approved course is a specific curriculum taught by instructors who have completed special training related to presentation of the mandatory topic. This course should not be confused with similar courses of the same name. Be specific and request the 2010 mandatory topic course.

If you are a new licensee, please remember that completion of the 45-hour post-license curriculum does not relieve you from completing the mandatory topic course.

NEW NUGGET: 10 Seconds To Make A Sale; Or Not. www.NuggetsForTheNoggin.com  Hope you read it, could save a sale; or two; or three…..

KELLER WILLIAMS NEWSLETTER IS NOW AVALABLE. Go to www.mykw.kw.com  and log in and you can access this month’s newsletter that you can send to your database. Packed with really good information.

WWW.POSTLETS.COM. Is anyone using Postlets? It is a free service to get your listings posted to various web sites. If not, why not? www.postlets.com

PROMOTIONAL ITEM. Always looking for that “something different” that people might keep in regards to promotional gifts. TOP USA has created a desktop cell phone holder that is unique and is something that a customer may want to keep. You can personalize it with your name and contact info on the face of it. 100 cost only $1.88 each; 300 $1.58 each. I score the uniqueness a 10 and the cost a 10. Will it be kept and used – more than likely. Sample is in the Resource Room, info on the bulletin board. www.topusa.com

RULES OF THE RED RUBBER BALL. For those who attended the Family Reunion, you are aware of Kevin Carroll, the keynote speaker. He was fabulous. Recently read his book, Rules of the Red Rubber Ball. Not only does it contain a fabulous message, it may be the most creatively written and presented book I have ever read. http://kevincarrollkatalyst.com/

FACEBOOK FOR SLIDELL? Check it out, set it up to promote everything but real estate. Become a member: http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=332190249394

FACEBOOK FOR PICAYUNE? Check it out as well, set it up to promote everything but real estate. Become a member: http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=332810249667

SEARCH FOR TWEETS: Have you checked out www.topsy.com? You can search for tweets.

SOCIAL MEDIA CENSUS: Allan Dalton and Steve Hundley have assembled the first ever Social Media Census for the real estate industry. The 2010 online Census is located at www.SocialMediaCensus.org  and is open to all real estate industry practitioners to visit and participate with right now. The purpose of the Census is to forensically study the application of social media specifically within the real estate industry.

RON WEXLER AND DORIS CARLIN CREATES NEW PRICING DVD: I could not recommend anyone more than Ron & Doris for referrals based on the way they conduct their business. I have not seen this video but based on my knowledge of Ron & Doris is must be 1st Class. Check out their new product at: http://www.movedquick.com/ One DVD is $29.95 but if you or a group of “you’s” by 10, it would be $109.95 or just $10.99 each, can’t beat that price.

COMPILATION OF ARTICLES ON LISTING PRESENTATIONS: Several articles by agents on how they prepare and conduct their listing presentations. Uploaded to www.SlidellCalendar.com  in the Document section under training and articles.